10 Things to know if you don’t use your car frequently

You got into the bandwagon of people getting a new car and bought one for yourself when the time was right. But now your car is idling in your garage, not having seen the light of the day for a few months now. 

If you cannot simply watch your hard-earned money go to waste, here are some workaround to ensuring your car remains in top form.

  1. Disconnect your battery – If you are going to leave your car unused for a very long time, it is best to disconnect the battery. The battery gets charged every time you turn on the vehicle. When you don’t do this for a long period of time then your battery will get discharged. Your car will then refuse to start. Disconnect your battery to prevent it from discharging.
  1. Keep valid documents safe – Even if you are not using your car it is important to preserve the car documents like registration certificate, driver’s license, insurance documents etc. In case you ever decide to use your car in the future or take it out for some emergency, it is mandatory to have these documents with you.
  1. Have a valid insurance policy – If you are someone who takes out your car once in a while, then you must have a valid insurance policy along with you. If you are caught without an insurance policy, you will be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 2000/-. You might also be tempted to cancel your insurance policy if you plan on not using the car for a long time. But when you go back again to buy your policy your insurance company might increase the rates due to gap in coverage. If your insurance policy has expired then you can quickly get a third party car insurance online
  1. Keep your car clean – Ensure you keep the indoors of your car clean and free of rubbish. Otherwise, rodents can infest your car and can damage your seats and wirings. Clean off your car and spray a little bit of freshener.
  1. Keep the tyre pressures – If you are not a frequent user, then the tyres of the car can lose air pressure. Maintaining the proper pressure of the tyres will ensure that the sidewalls of the tyres don’t crack. It will also prevent flat spots.
  1. Fill the fuel tank – Keep your fuel tank full. This will prevent moisture from accumulating inside the tank. You can also use a fuel stabiliser to prevent varnish and rust. The tank must also be properly sealed.
  1. Remove dirt and dust – If your car has first and dust over its paint, clean them thoroughly. Otherwise, it can damage your car’s paint. Apply a coat of polish or wax to prevent moisture.
  1. Keep your car covered – Keeping your car covered if you intend to leave it outside. It will give an overall protection to the car. If you have the luxury of parking your car indoors, do so. 
  1. Don’t use the parking brake – If you are parking your vehicle, use a tyre stopper or something heavy to prevent your vehicle from moving. If you leave the car on the parking brake, the brake pads will be in constant contact with the rotor. This will lead to fusing.

Rent out your car as a taxi – If you want to maintain your car in working condition, one easy way would be to rent your car as a commercial vehicle. You can either directly give your car with a cab driver or hand it over to a car rental company. But if you are using your private vehicle for commercial purposes then you will have to get a permit for this. You will also need to switch the insurance to a commercial taxi insurance.

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