ghost road India

12 most Haunted highways and roads in India

ghost road India

Due to the large number of accidents that occur on our roads each year, one can’t neglect that some of those stretches might be hotspots for paranormal activity.

Here are some haunted highways and roads in India were ghost sightings have been reported numerously.

Note: If you are traveling through any of these roads, please try to stay calm as much as possible. Scared/bad driving causes much more accidents than ghosts.


Delhi Cantonment Road

Delhi road ghost

Delhi Cantt is seen by many a one of the most haunted stretches of road in India. Many people have reported seeing a lady by the road, dressed in white saree. When cars didn’t stop, it is said that she runs behind the vehicle at great speed.

-Spirit is not evil

Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai Goa Highway

Kashedi ghat ghost


Kashedi ghat on Mumbai-Goa highway is reported to have many kinds of paranormal activity. This stretch is also famous for the number of accidents reported. Many people say that the accidents are caused by a ghost on the side of the road, who signals them to stop. When people don’t, they usually end up in some kind of freak accident.

Another story surrounding the area involves people having scratches on their body and neck when they pass through the straight. Some have even reported meat items disappearing.

-Spirit is harmful

Thamarassery–Lakkidi Ghat road, part of NH 212

ghost in kerala road

source- amazingkerala

Lakkidi Ghat is the only acknowledged paranormal stretch of road in this list. The famous chain tree or Changala maram is believed to be the place where spirit of an Adivasi tribal is chained to. This has a very sad back story as well

Karinthandan belonged to Paniyas tribal community and is believed to be the person who found the popular Wayanad Ghat route. At his time, the British Viceroy had promised a huge reward to anyone who finds the best route connecting Thamarassery and Wayanad. For this purpose, a British engineer seeked help of Karinthandan. But after he showed him the way, the engineer took him to the peak of the mountain and killed him inorder to keep full credit.

Since then it is believed that Karinthanadan haunted the roads until a priest chained him on to the fiscus tree nearby. This is now the famed ‘Chained tree of Wayanad’

Even after that many accident have occurred in the region, and many still believe that the stretch is haunted.

Jamshedpur NH33

jamshedpur ghost


Jamshedpur NH33 is infamous because the number of fatal deaths here surpasses the non-fatal ones. Most happen on a particular stretch which the locals claim is haunted.

-spirit is harmful


Igorchem Road, Goa

Goa ghost story

Ingochem road in Goa is one of the roads where paranormal activity is prevalent even in day time. Locals claim that people who go through the road between 2 pm and 3 pm are often possessed by an evil spirits living nearby. You can hear footstep even when nobody is around.

Blue Cross Road, Chennai

Ghost in chennai road


Due to large number of trees in the sides, this road gets very dark even in daytime. Large number of suicides have happened in the stretch and many people have claimed to see scary human like creatures crossing/walking down the road.

-Spirit is harmless

Johnson & Johnson Road, Mulund, Maharashtra

Mumbai ghost on road

Johnson & Johnson Road in Mulund, Maharashtra sees a lot of accidents occurring in its stretch. But what is really scary is that most victims have one common reason to say

I was only trying to save a lady in white

Apparently a woman in white saree haunts the road.

-Spirit might be harmful

Kasara Ghat, Mumbai Nashik Highway

kasara ghat


Many apparition sightings have been reported in this area, scariest of which is a headless woman sitting on trees accompanied by eerie laughter. The place used to be dumping ground for murder victims and many accidents have been reported here.

-Spirit might be harmful

East coast road Chennai-Pondicherry

chennai highway ghost


While the East coast Chennai-Pondicherry road is a very scenic and popular road, many people have reported seeing an apparition draped in white.

Marve and Madh Island Road, Mumbai

 madh lady ghost

The spirit in wedding gown who is said to haunt Marve and Madh island road in Mumbai has a very sad back story. The lady was betrayed by her husband, when he sped on to an oncoming truck and jumped out, leaving his wife to die.

Many people have reported to see the lady, often accompanied by screams and tinkling of anklets.

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary – NH209, Tamil Nadu

sathyamangalam forest ghost


National highway passing through Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary is believed by many to be the most haunted road in Tamil Nadu. This is perhaps one of the few places in India which is said to be haunted by a ‘famous’ spirit, specifically the bandit who terrorized forests of south India-Veerappan. Screams and floating lights are very common on the stretch.

-Spirit not harmful

NH 11A , OFF Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur Highway

bhangara road ghost


This road passes through the famous Bahngarh fort- seen by many as one of the most haunted places in India. It is an alternate route to Delhi from Alwar and has its own share of sightings and activity.

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