The Bajaj Pulsar 200SS and Pulsar 375 Launch Date Not confirmed Yet

Bajaj Pulsar 375 official launch date
2014 Bajaj Pulsar 375 and 200SS official launch date 

It is well known fact that Bajaj is introducing two new Pulsar Pretty soon and It been sometime that the whole of India has been anxiously waiting for their release . The Bajaj pulsar 375 has been the Talk of the town for quite  sometime now .One of our pro riders even went on to sell his Duke in anticipation of the Pulsar 375.

There has been many speculations about what it might look like But as of now no genuine pic’s have been released . Even the Insiders from Bajaj are Tight lipped .

Bajaj pulsar 375 launch date pics
Bajaj pulsar 375 launch date pics

Before all the talks about the pulsar 375 came aboutthere where rumors of the 200ss, but these rumors soon came down due to lack of info from Bajaj.But everything changed some day’s ago when spy pic’s of a Bajaj Pulsar 200 ss was revealed by autocarindia . And immediately there were thousand’s of hit’s on google and other search engine’s about their Launch . We are not sure why Bajaj are so secretive about the bike’s .The bikes already have good publicity  And from the earlier spy pic’s they seem to be almost production ready . The 200ss apart from the camouflage is  complete . And since the bikes are to be launched together it means that the 375 is also in process of completion and we hope to see a test mule pretty soon .

From what we know the launch of the pulsar 200SS and PULSAR 375 would not go beyond January next year .In mean time 2014 is fast becoming the best year so far in terms of bike release . Some of the other confirmed bikes are:

1) The Yamaha R250
2) Triumph 250