Harley Davidson Opens it Dealership In Goa

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Harley Davidson has opened it’s First Dealership in the state of Goa , at the Marine Plaza . The new dealership comes after the immense popularity, that the brand has garnered in Goa . This popularity can be attributed to an increase in the Leisure riding group, who can afford a better cruiser than the Royal Enfield’s . With the new Goa Dealership , existing customers can now service their  motorcycle’s  in their own backyard’s and do away with the long ride’s to Mumbai or Bangalore .


Being a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, this is indeed a special moment for me. Goa has a rapidly growing culture of leisure motorcycling. With the introduction of Harley-Davidson India in our city, we are thrilled to provide customers with the premium lifestyle experience that the brand stands for, world-over. We are excited to reach out to bike enthusiasts in the city and enable them to explore their spirit of freedom, rev up their engines and take to the roads like never before.said Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Dealer Principal, Goa Harley-Davidson.

The Harley Davidson Street 750 and 500 India
The Harley Davidson Street 750 and 500 India

Since beginning it retail outlets in India ,  Harley Davidson has sold more than 4000 premium motorcycle’s . Their customer base is increasing at a rapid phase , mainly due to a surge in the number of a rich and passionate riding community , who doesn’t mind to shell out a bit more to get their hand’s on a world class cruiser . The newest Dealership will offer a line up of 11 motorcycle’s, with a starting price of 5,91,000 Lakhs. All the Harley Davidson official gear’s and Merchandise will be available through this outlet .