2014 Honda CBR 250R And 300R vs The Hero HX250R !

  • May 26, 2014

All CBR series bike vs hx 250

With the launch of the Honda CBR 300R  and Hero’s much awaited quarter Liter bike, the HX250r scheduled to happen by late 2015 (early 2016), we only felt it was fitting to provide a small vivid comparison between the two for the potential buyers .Further there is also news that the CBR 250r variant, which was launched in Indonesia recently might also make its way in to India , so this post will be a 3 way comparison between the popular motorcycles.

> EBR shuts down! What about the HX250r?

THE HONDA CBR 250r and 300r

The Honda CBR 300 R was unveiled at the 2013 China International Motorcycle trade exhibition and back there it got great reviews . It  seemed as if the launch of the bike was imminent , but the launch was later postponed by about 9 months . However Honda has managed to launch its upgraded quarter liter bike in Indonesia . The Honda CBR 250r much like its siblings now follows the Dual headlamp design , further the exhaust has been made much longer . These changes together make the Honda 250r a much more sportier machine than ever before . However There isn’t much difference cosmetically between the 250r and the 300r .  Even the engine specifications seems similar , which is fair especially since there is only about 37 cc difference between the two engines . What we love in the new 250r is that Honda has tuned the engine and has given a power boost of 3ps to the Honda 250r . The Torque however remains more or less same .

The Honda CBR 300r has a 286cc single cylinder DOHC engine producing 30.4 Bhp at 8500 rpm and 27 Nm at 7250 rpm . The CBR 250r has a249cc single cylinder engine producing 29.4 Ps power at 9000 rpm and 23 Nm at 7500 rpm . We are not quite sure which one or whether both the bikes will reach India.

side hx250 vs cbr 250

hero hx250r vs cbr 250 side


The Hero HX250r

The Hero HX 250r is one of the prominant bikes that came out of the Hero-EBR partnership . It is not always that an Indian company get to be in direct fight with a Internationally acclaimed motorcycle like the CBR 250r . Like what we have said on our video , this is the point where “Long time partners become fierce rivals” . On paper the Hero HX 250r has everything it takes to beat the Honda . The Hero HX 250r has a 249 cc single cylinder engine producing almost 31 Ps of power and almost the same amount of torque as that of the CBR 250r . It even beats the 300r in terms of power .  Further the Hero HX 250r weighs much less than the CBR 250r at about 139 kg. Apart from this  most other specifications are almost identical for both the bikes.



2014 honda cbr 250 vs hx 250

hero hx250r vs honda cbr 250 headlamps




hx 250r vs cbr 250 rear

Hero hx 250r vs cbr 250 rear



Though we have not yet got our hands on the bike, in paper the Hero HX250r is the clear winner . The lesser weight of the HX 250 also give it an advantage , both in cities and the track . Both the bikes offers ABS , front and back disc brake and other common features .


If we go by looks alone , There is no competition here . The Honda CBR 300r wins the crown Hands down . But that doesn’t mean the HX 250r looks bad , but it just lacks the premium sporty feel of the CBR .


Most of our readers may be criticizing us for even comparing these two bikes .  They could argue that no Indian bike could ever reach to the level of a Honda . That said the Honda branding on the CBR does look costly . For example , the Honda CBR 250r was recently launched in Indonesia for 48.95 million Indonesian rupiah for the standard model . That equates to roughly 2.52 Lakhs in Indian rupees . The ABS model demands a further premium and costs almost 2.93 Lakhs . Though the price is expected to be lesser in India , it would still be above the 2 lakh range. Keeping this in mind , Hero hopes to price its HX250r quite modestly at 1.5 Lakhs , Which if you are familiar with the motorcycling scene in India is very less for a 31 Ps power churning monster.

hx vs cbr


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