The Limited Edition Bentley Mulsanne ‘Birkin’ Launched For European Market

Bentley birkin
Limited Edition Bentley Mulsanne ‘Birkin’

Bentley has launched its limited edition  Mulsanne ‘Birkin’ for the European market , as Tribute to Bentley Legend sir Henry Ralph Stanley “Tim” Birkin , The “Bentley Boy” , who was famous for racing Bentley’s in the 20’s and 30’s .Only 22 cars will be available and will offer three color choices.

Colors available 
> Fountain Blue and Dark Sapphire
> Ghost White

Mulsanne Birkin colors
Limited Edition Bentley Mulsanne ‘Birkin’ Colors

> Damson monochromatic color schemes

The new LE Bentley will spot  21 inch alloys and will come with a handcrafted luggage set .  The beautiful Flying B logo will be imprinted on to the headrest . To make  the car even more unique , each one will be numbered form 1-22 at the door sill plaques and the same number will be imprinted on the custom luggage set .

handcrafted Bentley  luggage set
Custom luggage set – Bentley Birkin

The Bentley Mulsanne Birkin comes with a 6.75-liter turbocharged V-8 churning out 505 horsepower and 752 lb-ft of torque and has a 0-100kmph time of  5.1 seconds, pretty impressive considering its size. Bentley has also incorporated a ‘sport’ mode on this car and is built based on the performance oriented Mulliner Driving Specification . Sir ‘Birkin’ will be so proud .

numbers on doors bentley
Numbered Bentley Birkin

This Bentley will also come with a pre-built  Entertainment  with dual 8-inch LCD screens in the rear of the front headrests ,a Naim sound system , ,Wi-Fi hotspot , handcrafted picnic table with built-in Ipads. 

The official pricing of this car is not revealed as of now . Stay tuned for more .