The Yamaha R25 To be Launched In India in 2014?

According to a recent report by the TOI , the YZF-R25 could be launched in India in 2014 .The concept model of the R25 was introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor show . This recent report comes out as a welcome joy for most fans , as Yamaha was remaining very secretive about the whole R25 and refused to let out any information , even after so many inquiry’s. Roy Kurian, vice-president, sales & marketing, Yamaha Motor India , however said that no decision about a possible introduction of the bike in India has been taken .

The inside news currently circulating in the Industry is that the R25 could be launched soon. But based on the current developments ,we feel that this news is a bit  far fetched and if at all the R25 is going to be released in 2014 , it will be at it’s later parts .

The R25 is the bigger sibling of the hugely popular R15 and could share many styling cue with it . Based on the current popularity of the R25 it is expected that the bike will be a huge success , provided Yamaha gets its pricing right .


What do you think about the new R25? What pricing do you expect ?