VIDEO : Aventador Goes Airborne as it crashes on to a Mazda in London!

Lamborghini airbourne in london
Lamborghini Aventador crash in London Video

Aventador London Crash
crashed Aventador Black

Some photos where doing its round of a crash between a Lamborghini Aventador and a Mazda at the narrow streets of London, But nobody was sure the exact cause of the Mishap . Yesterday a Youtuber named shmee 150 uploaded the video of the crash as it happened . The video uploaded on 31st of march has gone viral over the course of  2 days and now has almost 35 lakh views  , mainly attributed to the promotion its getting from various automotive magazines .

Aventador BMW crash
Aventador crashes in to BMW

The videos clearly show’s the Black Lamborghini Aventador , moving at a fairly high speed on to the path of the Mazda , which was taking a right turn on a narrow street of London . The $400,000 Aventador went airborne for  a bit , eventually coming to a halt hitting a parked BMW . The video doesn’t clearly indicate whose fault the actual Mishap was off. Primary evidence seems to  put blame on both the Drivers . What your take on the crash?

Aventador flying