Lightning LS-218 showcased at Quail Lodge, California

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LS-218 lightning

Lightning Motorcycle’s has showcased an almost finished model of their Electric Motorcycle the LS-218 at the 2014 Quail Motorcycle gathering at Quail Lodge , California. The bright blue coloured motorcycle was one of the most eye-catching pieces at the event .  The number ‘218’ is there for a reason and it signify’s the Land speed record which lightning motorcycles broke ( electric or otherwise ) by clocking almost 218 mph at the Bonneville track .  One thing we are sure however is that the LS-218 will carry a very hefty price tag of almost $38,888 . But fortunately there are many hot features which do justice for this price tag  that include :

  • Öhlins TTX36 Shock and linkage system
  • Billet aluminum swingarm
  • Big Brembo Brakes
  • Magnesium forged wheels
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lightning LS-218

The LS-218 will have a Electric power train producing almost 200hp of power and 168 pounds of torque . However the bike has no gear transmission and has a direct Drive motor . This may be a let down for some people , who prefer bike with gears and we do agree the experience isn’t the same .  However DDM’s do increase power and efficiency . Weighing in at almost 225 kg the bike isn’t the lightest one around either , but being an Electric bike it would be easy to handle and corner . The Bike has a 30 minute charging time with quick charger and this time will go up to 2 hours on a level 2 charger .  There are 3 Battery packs available for the bike providing 194 ,242 and 290 km’s on a single charge respectively. The bike is set to be launched by late 2014 in USA . This is what the official Lightning Motorcycle site says :

The Lightning SuperBike is equally suited to track days or weekend rides on your favorite back roads. The Lightning SuperBike became the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle with the SCTA official World Record of 215.960 mph and a best timed run of 218.637 mph at Bonneville during Speedweek in August. Our SuperBike also holds the world land speed record for the fastest production motorcycle, electric or otherwise. Making it not only the fastest electric bike available, but the fastest bike available (period). Oh yeah, did we mention that this record was set using all solar energy? We can do a record setting run for about $.08.

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LS-218 lightning



TRANSMISSION: None. Direct drive motor.
MOTOR liquid cooled 150kw/200hp @10,500 rpm
BATTERY PACK 380V 12kwh battery pack good for 100-120 miles per charge*

380V 15kwh battery pack good for 120-150 miles per charge*

380V 20kwh battery pack good for 160-180 miles per charge*
Charging time 30 mins on a quick charger or 120 minutes on level 2 charger
Front suspension: Öhlins FGRT inverted fork

NIX30 cartridge internals, TiN surface treatment, billet aluminum radial caliper mountings.

Fully adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound damping.

Rear suspension: Billet aluminum swingarm with linear

Öhlins TTX36 Shock and linkage system

Adjustment for preload, ride height, high and low speed compression and rebound

BRAKES Dual Brembo 320mm disc; Brembo radial-mount forged 4-piston calipers

2 Brembo T-Drive 320mm Fully-Floating Rotors

2 Brembo Brembo GP4-RX CNC Radial Calipers



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