The Mini Superleggera Vision Concept is Nothing Like A Mini


mini Superleggera side

Mini Superleggera

Introducing the Newest and most non-Mini Mini to have ever been envisioned  . The Mini Superleggera Vision Concept like  most of the new breed  Mini’s , does not look anything like the ‘Mini’s’ we have known. But based on how this new Mini looks ,  it would be a crime to complain

2014 mini superleggera

Mini Superleggera

The New Superleggera concept is born as a blend between everything British and Italian ( or so is said ).  In automobile terms it can be classified as a 2-seat roadster, designed very vaguely on the contemporary Mini’s  . The car seems to bring a modern twist to the Mini’s . The chassis is done on classic Italian style while the whole body frame work seems to have some reference to the classic Minis here and there . However , the car  still somehow manages to maintain its  aerodynamic flow . Every part of the car seems to be made really simple , from the exterior to the interior , This minimalism is one of  the most attractive feature of the car . Another styling feature that makes everyone take notice is the  tail lamp design . The Iconic Mini Interiors design can be seen inside the car and is made in  leather , aluminium and black chrome .  The car has been made as light as possible to keep up with its Superleggera (superlight) tag

mini Superleggera side

Mini Superleggera

The Mini Superleggera is envisioned by the joined forces from the Mini and legendary coachbuilders Touring Superleggera . Louis de Fabribeckers, Head of design of Touring Superleggera, says:

In this car all unnecessary equipment or decoration is sacrificed, as performance is gained through lightness and efficiency of the bodywork and interior. The Italian touch is in the proportions and the typical waistline.

mini superleggera rear tag

Mini Superleggera vision

Though there is no official word on what is under the hood , we think that it might be something similar to the Mini E . The ownership of the BMW group seems to be doing wonders for Mini Right now . This Concept truly looks amazing and we sure hope this one will go on production soon .

mini Superleggera roadster

Mini Modern

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