2014 Yamaha FZ V2 could be Launched on June 30th !


Ok we are not going in to any confirmation’s here , but Yamaha has called for a Press Conference on 30th of June and we are expecting the 2014 Yamaha FZ to be launched there .The FZ is Yamaha’s top selling model in India and bringing a proper upgrade for the bike ,while still keeping it affordable and good looking is a really tough task. However, Yamaha is confident that this version 2 FZ is going to be a even bigger success than its predecessor . The bike was earlier showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo , and had been spotted testing at numerous places.

2014 version2 Fz

2014 Yamaha FZ V2


The new FZ on looks remain pretty much similar to the old one , however Yamaha still managed to bring on numerous changes in it . Some of these changes are

  • Split Seats
  • New Headlamp Cowls
  • New rear Design
  • New Fuel tank extension

Apart from these obvious changes , which where seen on the test mules , not much has been revealed by Yamaha . But Industry souces says that the 2014 Yamaha FZ v2 could get a power upgrade so as to keep up with increasing competition . This is actally a good move by Yamaha  if they could keep it close to its current price tag and provide better Mileage . A new direct Injection system could  be provided so as to increase the Fuel efficiency , however do not expect a miracle . The new FZ could come out  with a 180cc Engine .

Seeing some of the first look pictures , Reaction from our readers where mixed . Its only after we have ridden the motorcycle we could say anything more .Please do stay tuned !


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