The 2015 Ariel Ace Revelaed !

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Iconic British manufacturer Ariel has revealed its first two wheeled offering in about 50 years , The Ariel Ace . The Bike will only be produced in limited numbers each year and will come with a very premium price tag of almost £20,000 (which is more than 20 lakhs in Indian money) . Ariel is hoping that the uniqueness of each bike along with its limited numbers will pull in potential customers. Let’s hope so!

You would know Ariel for their iconic sportster the ‘Atom’ .The Ariel Ace will be produced alongside the Atom at their Crewkerne plant. Since Ariel doesn’t have its own Engine and drive train system,the Ace will be borrowing its drivetrain from Honda, specifically speaking it will be the 1237cc engine of the Honda VRF 1200 . The engine will produce 173hp at 10000rpm and 131Nm of Torque at 8750rpm. Ariel claims the bike can to 0-100kmph in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 265.5 kmph .

Each Ariel ace will be made unique and according to the tastes of different Individuals. There are many customizations available for the bike, which include:

  • Adjustment in seat heights
  • Exhausts
  • wheel , handlebar, tank customizations
  • Customizable paint jobs,bodywork, materials used .

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Only 100-150 Ariel Ace’s are expected to be produced each year due to the extensive customization available for each . The bike was revealed at 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Speaking at the event Simon Saunder’s, Director of Ariel told

“Motorcyclists have a real passion for their machines.  They like them to be individual and they want them to be their bike, not just another bike identical to hundreds or thousands of others.

“The usual route is to buy a standard bike and then add various aftermarket components to change the bike into what they want.  However with the Ace the uniqueness is built in as the bike is produced and each one will be as individual as its owner.”


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