5 Concept Cars That Actually Made it In to Production !

mclaren p1

Concept Cars : Mclaren P1

Over the years we all have seen fair bit of ‘Concepts’ from various manufactures and truth be told most of them doesn’t make it in to production or are just way different from their original concept design .  In this article we would like to show you five amazing concepts that not only made it in to production ,but also went on to become huge success . The great thing about these five cars is that they didin’t change much from their concepts and were brought out mostly the same . Lets check them out .

The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics to The BMW I8


bmw vison vs bmw i8

Concept Cars : BMW I8 vs Vision

Ah! the BMW  i8 , The car we just cant get enough off. The car in itself ( and we have said this a million times ) looks something out of a sci-fi movie and doesn’t seem to fit in with any modern supercar . The BMW i8 is based on the “BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics” which was showcased way back in 2009 .Nobody would have ever imagined the production version would look anything similar ( or if a production version would be brought out ) . However BMW with its efficient German Engineering has managed to pull out something quite marvelous , and arguably one of the best looking cars ever . Apart from its name and some minor alteration , Both the cars are virtually Indistinguishable .


The Mclaren P1 Concept To The Mclaren P1 


mclaren p1 concept

Concept Cars : Mclaren P1

The Mclaren P1 concept was brought out as a successor to its hugely popular F1 . The car had this almost futuristic charm about it and  nobody would have ever thought that the car would make it in to production ( or atleast in the same form ) . And now looking at this picture of the production P1 , one has to say Mclaren really did keep their word .


  Jaguar C-X16 to Jaguar F-Type

jaguar c-x16 vs f type

Concept Cars : Jaguar F-type

The jaguar F type is one car that we genuinely love . It’s a shear pleasure to drive and is one of the better looking cars currently available in India . But ofcourse it didn’t start out as a F-type . It was first showcased at the 2011 Geneva AutoShow as a concept named Jaguar C-X16 . It was later brought out,  looking much more beautiful than its concept .

The Nissan GT-R concept to Nissan GT-R


nissan gtr concept vs gtr

Concept Cars : Nissan GTR

The love this car enjoys around the world is unparalleled . The car began its life as a very box-like ,blunt edged concept way back in 2001 . The car was never expected to go in to production as such , and Gladly it didn’t .  Nissan brought out a GT-R prototype in 2005 and by 2007 the GT-R we all now today was rolled out.

The Audi TT Concept to Audi TT


audi tt concept

Audi TT concept

The Audi TT featured one of the most iconic designs from the German manufacturer in the 90’s. The concept TT was first showcased at the 1995 Frankfurt motorshow , and it instantly became a showstopper . At the time no one believed that the car would go in to production as such , But the best of manufacturers have a their way of surprising the world .In 1998 with much fanfare the car was rolled out !


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