The EBR 1190SX Street-fighter Unveiled !

EBR 1190SX white unveiled

EBR 1190SX White


Eric Buell Racing has officially unveiled their new street-fighter the EBR 1190SX at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway .  The bike  is at he speedway for its press run and will make it to commercial sales pretty soon. The EBR 1190SX is the naked version of the 1190RX and share the chassis and most other features with the bike . However , the naked fairing and higher handlebars differentiate this bike from its sibling . The EBR officials have declined to say anything more about theie new bike and hence the pictures are all we got . The specification ,price etc will be published as soon as the official statement comes out. In the mean time lets check out what the the 1190RX has in offer 

EBR 1190 SX vs RX

EBR 1190SX vs The 1190RX

The EBR 1190RX is a brutal track oriented machine having a 1190cc twin Cylinder ,liquid cooled Engine producing 185 hp @ 10,600 rpm and 137.8 Nm at 8200rpm . The bike is priced at almost $18,995 (1124703.45 Rs) in the USA . Apart form the 1190RX , EBR  has another model called the 1190AS which has only been made in very limited number (35 to be exact) and costs almost 46,000$ .

It is known fact the Indian Manufacturer Hero has almost 49.2% stakes on EBR . The equity partnership ensures that Hero gets major technical and design support from EBR team , which can be used by Hero in its bikes . In fact the recently launched Karizma ZMR& R , The soon-to-be Launched Hero HX250 etc are heavily inspired on the EBR’s traditional design . EBR could also sell their bikes in India via the CKD route ( making use of Hero’s production plants) .However no such news about a EBR debut in India is currently heard . So we will just have to wait and see .

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EBR 1190RX

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