Suzuki Inazuma Price lowered in India ! Now available at 2.61 Lakhs

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Inazuma Price Lowered

It is now confirmed that Suzuki has lowered the price of its Quarter liter Twin Cylinder Motorcycle , The Suzuki Inazuma by almost a Lakh Rupees The Suzuki Inazuma is now available for Rs 2.61 Lakhs while earlier it was available for almost 3.62 Lakhs ( both on-road Mumbai) . The Suzuki spokesperson said that the price lowering was after the numerous prospective customers complained that the prices were too high ( As if that wasn’t obvious at Launch) .

We had brought you the details of the Suzuki Inazuma at Launch and like most others we had predicted the downfall of this bike would surely be its price. So it was to be , The bike didn’t Enjoy much sales even after almost 5 months of launch . Though the Bike seemed way over priced and even underpowered producing only 26Ps of Power , nobody who had ever ridden the bike complained about its Ride quality . It was stable as any bike gets , it was spacious to sit and the engine was really refined .

So with this, we will be taking back everything that we told about the bike earlier . The bike now seems to be priced just right . Anything below this would seem underpriced, keeping in mind everything the bike offers .

The bike has got a 243cc Twin Cylinder 4 stroke engine producing 26 PS of power and 24 Nm of Torque.The bike offers brilliant ride quality and stability .

I know what you are thinking! What about the customer who had already brought the bike?.  Suzuki is expected to compensate the extra money those customers paid , which shouldn’t be a huge problem since not many were actually sold .

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Inazuma price lowered

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Inazuma Console

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Suzuki Inazuma Price lowered in India



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