VIDEO : A McLaren F1 Crashes on a Roadtrip that included Rowan Atkinson


Mr beam mclaren f1 crash

Mclaren F1 Crashes – Mclaren F1 Crashes


Mclaren F1 Crashes : It seem that there is something going on between Rowan Atkinson and Mclaren F1’s . The star famous for his portrayal of Mr Bean ,  who had crashed his on Mclaren F1 in 2011 , saw another crash this time of a Red and white one .  It is still unknown what led to the whole incident , but from the looks of it there is one very unhappy American today. This F1 is said to have belonged to a very wealthy American Citizen living in Italy . The F1 seems pretty unrepairable from here and it is really a sad sight for the eyes .

The incident took place on an Italian Road Trip which featured four Mclaren F1’s along with the famed actor Rowan Atkinson . As the cars where moving along the road between Saline di Voletrra and Pomarance , for some unexpected reason the driver of the Red-white F1 lost control , moved out of the road and flipped his car . The car came to a halt hitting a tree . Sir Rowan Atkinson was one of the first persons to arrive at the scene and was seen attending to the the injured driver . Medical teams where called immediately and the injured driver was airlifted to the nearest hospital . Fortunately , It is heard that no serious injuries where sustained.

white red mclaren f1 crash

Mclaren F1 Crashes

In early 2011 , Rowan Atkinson had infamously crashed his Red Mclaren F1 . Though his F1 was completely restored later , the fate of this one seems very bleak . Maybe a very extensive reconstruction could help it , if not the world will lose  another one of this very rare car.


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