The Best Pictures of the Bajaj Pulsar 200SS surface- Launch Date, Price , Specs

pulsar 200SS sideview

Bajaj Pulsar 200SS

One of the best pictures of the Bajaj Pulsar 20SS has surfaced and this time the pictures are taken by Abhimanyu Thakur (facebook) . The bike in the pictures have uncanny resemblance to the pulsar 400SS, that was  unveiled at the 2014 AutoExpo , and even made us wonder whether it was the same bike . However  ,Abhimanyu claims that he had spoken with the rider of the bike ,from whom he got confirmation that this is indeed the Pulsar 200SS

console of pulsar 200SS

Bajaj Pulsar 200SS console

bajaj pulsar 200SS front headlamps

Bajaj Pulsar 200SS headlmaps

Some interesting points that he got from the Rider are:

  • This is indeed the Bajaj Pulsar 200SS!
  • The bike will only be launched by 2015 , as the bike is still in development phase
  • The rider claims that the bike is more stable , with less vibration and less noice. It is claimed to be an overall better bike than the 200ns, though essentially both remain the same inside.
  • The Bike odo reads 19,000+ km , signifying the bike has been on test for quite some time now
  • The power has increased to almost 26bhp , which give it potential to be a giant killer! .
  • Fuel injection has been provided
  • The rider claims the bike provides almost 48kmpl mileage and if true, this will be an added advantage for Bajaj.
  • The front has been provider with  brakes from ‘Bybre’
  • The pillions seats are said to be really comfortable.


We are quoting words from Abhimanyu himself , as posted on a facebook page :


This is my 1st camouflaged bike that I had ever seen .At 1st sight u can tell that it is Pulsar SS200 by its engine size.
I’m just telling u the fact which has been told by that man.
This bike had came from Pune for research purpose as in Aurangabad bajaj produce bikes expect pulsar family.
While taking pics the driver had came Yes the Driver ! coz he is not owner of this bike and he said “Photo Mat Kichna”(Don’t click pics).
That time I really got f*’ed up !! If these companywala really care about there camouflage vehicle then they should frame it and
keep it at home and should stick a note stating “No Photo Please” !!.Then I had ask him that is this bike is going to launch in Diwali
he said no it is going to launch in next year because some research is still going on.Then just like man face to face I told him
that I don’t trust bajaj in return he smile back like “I can understand u Bro” He said that NVH as been reduced as compare to
200ns + it has got injection Fuel Injection and best avg was 48 km/ltr increase in power also by 24 to 26 bhp.Front brake is powered by ‘Bybre’ when asked about rear one he said
research is going on.I had touched it’s pillion seat it was soft & ergonomics is same as 200ns.I had try to shake its tail light
unfortunately it was stiff , built quality is good.When lights switch is on Upper both projector are On.Its parking lights reminds me of Mojo. Switch and instrument console is of blue colour maybe there is matching system like girls dressing sense as the prototype is of blue colour.
I asked about rear view mirror he said only pillion’s shoulder can be seen.In the end exhaust note was loudly, impressive not like
200ns/ktmduke200/4-stroke scooter/auto-rickshaw(Someone recently said). That bike has done 19,000km+ on odo.


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