A Kawasaki 4 cylinder 250cc in the making?

kawasaki 4 cylinder bike

Kawasaki 4 cylinder 250cc

In order to keep up with the tough competition ahead , It is heard that Kawasaki is planning to make a 4 Cylinder Quarter Liter Engine inspired by the ZXR250cc . The bike is expected to make power figures close to 47bhp , not surprising as the ZXr250 produced almost 45bhp at 15,000 rpm!

zxr 250 engine

Kawasaki 4 cylinder 250cc

So is this a viable motorcycle? In Indonesia it Could be . Especially since motorcycle above 250cc are made to pay taxes up to 75% there. Further, bikes that are not locally made also welcomes import duty fees of almost 60% and a VAT of 10% . This makes the sales of any bike above quarter liter a pain in the *head . For a country with an ever increasing population of almost 250 million , most manufacturers are ready to take outrageous decisions to provide ‘More with Less’

As of now the news is just a rumor circulating through many Indonesian sites , but it could turn out to be true as the current Kawasaki Ninja 250r  engine is becoming quite old and is getting heavy competition from the new parallel twin of the Yamaha R25. A roaring 250cc Kawasaki ninja producing power figure well over 45bhp could actually work!

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The Kawasaki ZXR250 Redlines at 19,000 rpm !


4 cylinder ninja 250r

Kawasaki 4 cylinder 250cc

zxr 250

Kawasaki 4 cylinder 250cc

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