Freedom-68 Experiance 2 : Vintage Cars And More

This is the second part of our Freedom-68 Article .If you have followed a Direct link , please do read the first part of the series : Ride with the H.O.G’s .

After we bid Farewell to the H.O.G’s ,we began our return trip Home. We decided to take a round trip to Cochin through Kottayam , so as to enjoy every bit of the Independence day fun.

The ride was smooth and the weather was perfect . We where all surprised how well our Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire was holding up . The car was put through some hell of a beating , chasing the Harley Davidson’s around at speeds that we cant mention here . By the time we where at Kottayam town we were all exhausted , may be the lack of sleep had something to do with it . We decided to take a short break.


vintage cars

Vintage Cars

Just opposite to the place where we stopped , we saw an abandoned petrol pump . We spoke to some of the locals there and when we told them we where from an automobile magazine , they were all really excited and pointed us to to the petrol pump and said that we could find some really exciting cars there . We decided to check the place out .

On closer inspection it became very clear what they were all talking about. The place was packed with cars , Vintage to be exact. Such a huge find was not something that we wanted to slip by.We talked to some of the people there and even tried to contact the owner. After some fair bit of talking , we finally got the permission to enter the compound.

From what we saw all the cars seemed to be in great condition. However dust has gathered due to the constant idleness .Some of the cars we saw include a 28′ Dodge Brothers , A Dodge Challenger , A Vintage Fiat Abarth , A first generation HM Ambassador ,  Ford Classic Vintage , a Vintage Austin to name a few


Vintage Dodge 28

Vintage Cars

vintage volkswagen

Vintage Cars


Vintage Cars


We left the Place after almost 15 minutes, but just as we where leaving we heard the roar of exhaust from a distance. Again not something that we wanted to miss.Though we were little low on time , we decided to check it out nonetheless .

We took our car and went straight to the direction of the exhaust note. As we went closer we saw a group of almost 20 cars lined up near the road .We stopped our car and went to talk with them .

The crew is called Auto Lounge Revolution and we got to talk with the group leader Kevin  .Everyone was having way lot of fun and even we where soon beginning to forget how tired we all were .We took  the time to take some really great pictures of the crew and after almost 30 minutes there and some friendly group pictures ,we decided to continue our journey back.

auto crew

auto crew 2

modified cars 2




Of the entire journey , what came as the show stopper was clearly the HM Contessa . If you are familiar with our website , you are sure to know how dearly we love this car .Its the only car befitting to be called the ‘Indian Muscle’. Infact we where keen on buying the car earlier but things didn’t quite work out . This red beauty however was just a treat for the eye . It looked in perfect condition .We wanted to stop the car and ask if it was for sale , but the big smile on the drivers face made us not to . We took some really great moving pictures of the car and even talked to the riders en-route . Here are some of the pictures

HM contessa red

Vintage Cars

Contess red color kerala

Vintage Cars

This brings an end to our Independence Day special Article – Freedom-68 . Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed experiencing it.

Stay tuned for more articles

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