Force Motors Gurkha Bookings Open . Deleveries commence soon


Force Motors Gurkha


The bookings of the Mercedes G-Wagon inspired Force motors Gurkha has started and the deliveries are expected to commence soon. The Force Gurkha was first showcased in 2013 ,at the Bus and utility vehicle show in Noida and deliveries where expected to begin the same year . However thing didn’t quite wok out. Now After almost one year the bookings have finally began. Lets check out what this offroader has in offer .

For prices starting at Rs 6.25 Lakh for the 4×2 model and 8.50 lakh for the 4×4 model , don’t expect any miracles from the Indian manufacturer . What we have with the Gurkha in essence is a solid offroader with a not so impressive power figure . The 2.5 tonne suv is powered by a 2.6 liter turbocharged, intercooled diesel mill which produces a low 80 hp of power and 230Nm of torque . This means that though the car performs pretty good in the mud , once you are in the highways you are left biting dust.


grkha mud

Force Motors Gurkha

So what does the SUV offer in terms of offroading prowess. For starters the car offers a ground clearance of 210mm and comes with mechanical differential locks for front and rear axles . This means that you can lock either one or both of the axles through a lever inside the cabin.The high mounted snorkel air intakes helps the suv to traverse water as deep as 510mm . The Gurkha has 3 modes namely 4×2 high , 4×4 high and 4X4 low and they can be changed manually according to the terrain. Coming to the smaller details , protective shields have been provided to the fuel tank , propshaft and engine underbelly. The fuel tank can carry 63 liters of fuel.

gurkha in dessert

Force Motors Gurkha

The car doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary in the interiors You get some basic necessities like powersteering and air conditioning but that’s about it. Nothing flashy inside and feels a bit vintage to be exact.

Summing things up the Force Gurkha is not a vehicle for your everyday use . You can use it for the occasional offroading thrills but would surely feel tiresome once you ride it on a day-to-day basis.

Stay tuned for more news on the Gurkha .

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