The Mercedes Maybach S-600 To Debut at Los Angeles

interiors s600 maybach

Mercedes Maybach S-600 Interiors


The 2014 Los Angeles Motorshow will officially see the Return of the ‘Maybach’ badge , this time on a Mercedes ,with the debut of the Mercedes Maybach S-600. The S-600 will get the Super Luxurious badge added to it, along with a longer wheel base , justifying once again that the word Luxury doesn’t have limits. Though some may feel that the exclusiveness of the once popular brand has been lost, its still great to see the ‘ Maybach’ badge making a comeback

The Maybach S-600 will sport a 6.0 Liter Mercedes AMG V12 , but will be available with a whole different state of tune for the best riding experience . Cosmetic tweaks will also be provided , both in the exterior and the Interior. The Exterior gets larger rear doors and restyled front grilles. The Interiors will also be upgraded ( not that the current breed of S-class needs any) and will now come in better fabrics , individual electronically adjustable rear seats. and not to mention  better legroom

spy s600 maybach

Mercedes Maybach S-600

spy maybach s600

Mercedes Maybach S-600

The Mercedes – Maybach S-600 will be officially launched in 2015 , and will compete with the Bentley Flying Spur V12 and the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II.

In the words of the company , The new Maybach S-600

Melds the perfection of the best automobile in the world, the S-Class, with the exclusivity of Maybach

For those of who who just cant get enough of the new S-Class, there is more good news . An even longer wheel base model called the S600 Pullman is  expected  to Debut by 2015 .

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