The Rolls Royce Maharaja Phantom DHC-Pays Homage To The Indian Maharaja’s

interiors rolls royce maharaja phantom

Rolls Royce Maharaja Phantom

rolls royce maharaja phantom  peacock

Since its inception almost 110 year back , Rolls Royce motor company had always enjoyed a special relationship with India. Infact back in the days before Independence,  Rolls Royce was quite a bit of success here among India’s uber-rich Maharaja’s, reportedly selling over 800 tailor-made vehicles in a time when even owning a set of wheels was a luxury in itself.This strong affinity of India’s ultra rich,back then can be seen as a stepping stone for the future success of the British manufactures through out the world. Back then it was the bespoke models from the RR stable that got the most takers from India.

With Rolls Royce doing wonders in their Bespoke program , with both the Ghost and phantom (The Bespoke Phantom Metropolitan) getting updates ,it only seemed right that Rolls-Royce paid homage to the Indian customers who stated it all.And this is where the new Rolls Royce Maharaja Phantom DHC comes in, with some neat and interesting exclusive touches.

dash rolls royce maharaja phantom

Rolls Royce Maharaja Phantom DHC enjoys an Indian touch all through out , With India’s national bird, the Peacock being the highlight. The Peacock emblem is provided all through out the car and the leather arm rests and the wooden inlays gets feather-patterned accents .Though the car is primarily cream coloured on the interior, emerald green colored highlights have been provided in the steering wheel , wind shield frames , carpets and the interiors door handles. The Amazing wooden prowess of Rolls Royce has again been showcased in this model with a peocock engraved on the wooden dashboard (most of the paneling is also done in wood)

The exterior sports a Carrara white paint job and the front fenders have been accented with an emerald green peacock emblem. Mechanically though the car remains the same.

rolls royce maharaja phantom

rolls royce maharaja phantom paneling green

Rolls Royce Maharaja Phantom

Though this car may not go good with everyone purely on the basis of design , its still good to see Rolls Royce remembering their loyal customers here in India.

The car as expected will be position at ultra-premium segment of India’s automobile market.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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