2015 Yamaha R25 To Be Launched Early 2015 In India?

yamaha r25 colors

Yamaha R25


We know how anxiously you all are waiting for this quarter liter offering from Yamaha , and we’ve got really good news. Automobile publication , Motorbeam has reported that the dealers testing of a quarter-liter bike from Yamaha has already commenced in India , with the dealers getting private screenings of the bike.

With this news ,It is now almost certain that the Yamaha R25 will be reaching India, instead of the Yamaha R3 , which was recently launched in USA.Inorder to get a technical advantage over the Kawasaki Ninja 300 , the ABS equipped version is expected to  go on sale here. Personally we would have preferred the R3 reaching India , which along with the extra features would have given a clear cut advantage to Yamaha.Maybe the pricing factor didn’t go well with the manufacturer.


yamaha r25 colours

Yamaha R25


The Yamaha R25 sports a 249cc, Twin-cylinder liquid cooled powertrain , producing 26Ps at 12000 RPM and 22.6 Nm of torque at 10,000 RPM.In comparison , the Ninja 300 produces 29Ps of power at 11,000 rpm and 27 Nm of torque at 10,000 rpm.However with huge competition from bikes such as the KTM RC390 , Yamaha has decided chose the price advantage over the performance one, hence not bringing the R3, which easily trumps the N300 with 42 Ps of power and 29 Nm of torque.This seems to be good move  from the manufactures standpoint as well , because the Ninja 300 only achieve mediocre sales throughout India, with the higher price tag( average 30 p/m).

With the launch of the KTM RC390 most other manufacturers are finding it really tough to keep up with the competition. In a highly price sensitive market such as India , affordability has always been the decisive factor, and that equates to the success of KTM. The Yamaha R25 is expected to reach India via the CKD route and with prices  close to the 3 lakh range. This puts its below the Ninja 300 , but nothing close to the RC 390.

However with the kind of fans Yamaha has through out India , we feel that the R25 could enjoy a fair bit of success here .

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