Honda Civic Type R Bookings Begin

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Honda Civic Type R


Bookings for the Honda Civic Type R Hot hatch has commenced in Europe ,and the car is now available for pre-booking for an amount of 3000 Pounds.This you should know, is for a car whose specifications and pricing has not even been revealed.The only thing we know for sure is that ,The Civic R type will be one of the most powerful and fastest production hot hatch till date, and surely one of the most beautiful ones.

The Honda Civic Type R is expected to sport Honda’s 2.0 liter Turbo-charged I-Vtec Engine , which was confirmed to be redlining at 7000rpm.Honda has also confirmed that a traditional 6-speed Manual transmission will be provided in the car, thank God for that . The car will not just be powerful but also fun to drive. To further solidify this claim. Honda is soon going to take the Civic R type out for a spin on the Nurburgring  ,aiming to beat the time set the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R of 7 minutes 53 seconds, for the fastest front-wheel drive car around the track.

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Honda Civic Type R

Not much about the 2.0 liter I-Vtec is known apart from the fact that it will produce top of 276Ps of power.Based on our calculations the Civic Type R should produce close to 300Hp of power and 406Nm of torque.The 0-100kmph time will be just top of the 5 second mark.An interesting feature of the car will be the addition of a +R Drive mode which improves engine response, modifies the torque mapping, improves the responsiveness of the steering wheel  and stiffens the suspension.

The Honda Civic Type R concept has been the star attraction at the 2014 Paris Auto show and rightly so .We will keep you posted on any advancements.

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Honda Civic Type R

Stay tuned for more updates!

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