2015 McLaren P1 GTR To Debut At Geneva, In March

Mclaren P1 GTR yellow black
Mclaren P1 GTR yellow black
McLaren P1 GTR


McLaren has confirmed that they will unveil their 2015 P1 GTR , at this years Geneva Motor show to be conducted on march . The car will be showcased in its full production form , and will be more powerful and track focused than its standard model( How is that even possible!). The manufacturer has further claimed that they have achieved almost 10% increase in power to weight ratio by employing a series of  weight cutting measures through out the car.

Though the cabin is race inspired , no compromise has been made in terms of safety and comfort. This is quite evident as Mclaren has managed to retain the Air-con system in the new car, something which seems to be a luxury in other cars of the nature.

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The whole car seems to be built around the driver, and everything else is just stripped out.A Multi-function, McLaren 2008 Formula 1 car inspired , MP4-23 steering wheel has been provided as standard.This is an exclusive feature of the new P1 GTR ,and similar to its F1 counterpart all necessary controls are embedded on the wheel.These include the drag reduction system (DRS) and Instant power assist system(IPAS) controls.

P1 GTR testing

Similar to its MonoCage chassis , the GTR’s seats too are made of Carbon fiber.The seats come with a proper 6 way ‘neck and head safety device compatible’ harness ,and that mostly takes care of the driver’s safety.Each seat can be set-up according to individual preference.Another interesting feature of the seats are that they are directly connected to the chassis.Hence no additional harness is required for keeping them intact,weight cutting being the main advantage.

No news on the exact price of the car has been confirmed by McLaren ,as of now. However what we know is that the car is strictly for the tracks, and will not be registered for use on public roads

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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