Honda Brio Diesel For 2015 Launch In India?

Honda Brio diesel India

Honda Brio Diesel For 2015 Launch In India


When Honda launched their Brio hatchback ,back in 2011, it was lauded by one and all as a fun-to-drive, affordable , great looking hatchback for the masses.Couple that with the high fuel efficiency and reliability of Honda , and what you get is a car that has success written all over it.But unfortunately for the Japanese manufacturer , this is not how things worked out .The car failed to make any big ripples in the segment,one of the main reasons being the lack of a proper diesel engine.Though a 1.5 liter diesel mill was expected to be provided later on,that was not to be.

Now Honda seems to be rethinking their strategy in the country ,as they are currently working on a trio of new petrol engines –1.0L 3cyl. , 1.5L 4 cyl. and 2.0L 4 cyl. , along with a new 3 pot i-DTEC .This new diesel engine( 1.1L capacity*) could make its way to the Brio hatchback.

Honda Brio diesel

The 3 cylinder mill will be a smaller capacity ,detuned version of the popular i-DTEC present in cars like the Honda city and Amaze. The engine is already one of the most efficient ones in India,de-sizing it will only make the figures better.

Stay tuned, for more news on the Honda Brio Diesel.

*not confirmed

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