Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS commence testing in India.

bajaj pulsar 200 AS india

The upcoming Bajaj pulsar 200 AS (Adventure Sport) has been spied testing for the first time in India with heavy camouflage. The bike which will be based on Bajaj’s 200 NS platform, had already been spied totally uncamouflaged at the manufacture’s Chakan Plant.The new bike should replace the aging 220f in the country.

From the heavy camouflage, what should be expected is that the bike is still in its developments phase. However from what we know of the manufacture ( and out of experience with the 200 SS) , this could be a mere misconception , and what we are looking at could be the final production design of the motorcycle .We sure do hope it’s the first one!

Though we are thankful to Bajaj for experimenting with newer segments, that has very seldom been walked through, the new 200 AS still has some ways to go before calling it a proper adventure. The high mounted clip-ons seem to be more at home on this bike( while it is an eye sore in the 200SS) and the projector headlamps(what remains of the 220)  looks beautiful too.But it seems that the same suspension set up of the 200NS has been lifted on to the bike. The seats seem to be similar too , which is  a concern. The rear tyre-hugger mudguard have  been replaced with standard ones.

bajaj pulsar 200AS india

Overall with some little tweaks , the Pulsar 200 AS could go on to have huge potential in the country , If priced right that is. We are not commenting on the exact price or launch date , as the manufacturer has chosen to remain tight-lipped.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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