The New Ford Focus RS (Mk3) -Everything That We Know So Far.

2016 ford focus RS side

The much awaited 2016 Ford Focus RS will be making official public debut at this year’s Geneva International Motorshow ,to be conducted in March .And ahead of this, we would like to group together everything that we know so far about the Mega hatchback.

The Focus RS will surely be one of the biggest names at Geneva, and we are as excited as you guys are.The American manufacturer seems to be taking the aggressive approach this year , already unveiling the 2016 Ford GT , and the Shelby Mustang GT350R at Detroit.

The RS badge for Ford is like AMG for Mercedes – it is a high-end performance oriented division of the manufacture. Some of the legends that have come out of the division include Escort RS1600, Sierra RS Cosworth, Escort RS Cosworth and two earlier Focus RS models.

The benchmark is set really high , can the new Focus RS live up to its expectations?

2016 Ford Focus RS – A Restyled MK2.

We agree that being based on the Ford Focus, not much design changes can be brought forward on to the car. The hot hatch obviously looks similar to its predecessor-the Ford Focus RS Mk2 , and can even be described as a facelift.However being a gorgeos looking car in the first place , there is not much to complain about here.

The front has been upgraded , now sporting a redesigned bumper and smaller headlamps.The design elements  are more spread out and the air intakes and the foglamps are now oriented to the sides of the bumper, placed individually. The end result being a much more aggressive stance.

The sides are similar to the Mk2 , however redesigned 19-inch alloy wheels can be seen to be provided.Brembo brakes will come as standard and the addition of the extra set of doors has made the quarter glass to extend all the way up to the tail lamps ( making it more beautiful).The distinctive side vents seen on the Mk2 are now gone.

The rear gets a proper make over(inspired from the new focus) and is a welcome change from the plain design seen on the Mk2. The taillamps sport a completely new design and so does the bootlid.The spoiler is now larger than before,having body coloured paint job and an RS badge on its sides.The bumper though similar to the mk2 , is wider and more subtle than its predecessor.

Other features : Recaro sport seats , satellite navigation, touch screen infotainment system

Colours available : Nitrous Blue ( This display model is painted Liquid Blue, which will be unavailable in the production version) , Stealth Grey, Absolute Black and Frozen White

new ford focus RS 2016 interior

2016 Ford Focus RS – 316bhp Powertrain, Manual Transmission.

Under the hood will be a 2.3 Liter twin-turbo EcoBoost Engine , that can produce top of 316Bhp of power and redlines at the 6800rpm range.The twin scroll turbo comes equipped with larger compressor and intercooler ,further enhancing the large-bore high performance twin exhaust’s sound prowess.

Ford claims that the emission rates have come down by a good percentage , however the manufacturer refused to comment about the mileage figures.

2016 Ford Focus RS- Permanent AWD

The new Focus RS makes use of an electronically controlled twin-clutch all-wheel drive system , which is an industry first. What the technology does is that it allows up to 70% of power to be sent to the rear wheels, with as much as 100% of that driving torque sent to one individual wheel.Doing high speed cornering will never be the same!

Being a full time AWD , the power will be send to all four wheels all the time , unlike most others which send power( either to front/rear) only when needed.

new ford focus RS rear

2016 Ford Focus RS- Pricing , Launch And Global Availability.

 Ford has already confirmed that the new Focus RS will be a global car, unlike the other RS models and will reach many markets through out the world.After being displayed at Geneva , the car should go in to production by early 2016.

PRICE : Just below 30,000£ ( 28 lakh rupees).

For those of you who may ask ,the car is highly unlikely to reach India.


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