The 2016 Audi R8 – Detailed First Look Review.

This is officially it! The pictures of the second generation Audi R8 has been released by the manufacturer online , bringing an end to the long run that the previous model had since 2007.And what is our first reaction? Shock and Awe ( if there is blend , that is).Audi claims that the 2016 R8 is lighter, faster, more efficient, and it’s time for us to check out how that’s made possible.

2016 Audi R8 blue .jpg

DESIGN : The Audi R8 is one car that we came to love over the years , and it’s unnecessary to bring a huge change to its exterior. And that is exactly what the manufacturer has done , and even with some noticeable tweaks , the car remains virtually the same.

The front of the car comes with major design revisions , the most  prominent of which is found on the grille.Mind we say , it looks similar to the new Audi TT , and the smaller honey comb grilles are subtle and more friendly, Which poses a problem.We all have come to love the R8 for its aggressive demeanour , and losing that for a more friendly face is simply not acceptable.

The famous side vents, though now shorter, have been retained. It is now split in to two parts , and isn’t exactly blending in with the overall colour of the car ( or may be that’s just us speaking).A new set of wheels have been provided as well.

The rear is absolutely gorgeous , but then again what more can you expect form something that is Lamborghini inspired. The tail lamps have been straightened out , and below them, the horizontal vents have been replaced with honeycomb ones.The exhausts are still integrated with the bumper , however they are now trapezoidal in shape.Retractable spoilers are provided on the standard Audi V10 ,and fixed ones can be seen on the V10 Plus model.

Like most modern supercars , a whole lot of Aluminum and carbon fiber has been used ,making it close to 50 kg lighter.The chassis is designed based on Audi’s new space frame architecture , using solely a blend of the aforementioned materials ( Carbon fiber reinforced plastic to be exact). The CFRP can also be seen to be used on the rear wall, central tunnel, sideblades and the B-pillar.

2015 Audi R8 interior.jpg

INTERIOR : The changes to the inside are more prominent. The outdated dashboard and center console has been replaced in lieu of a much more modern-minimalistic setup.Here too , the car looks like a Lamborghini , minus the desire to kill.The addition of the Virtual cockpit mean that every bit of information will be displayed digitally infront of the driver , also freeing up space in the middle.

2015 Audi R8 v10 plus .jpg

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION : Currently , two models of the Audi R8 , namely the V10 ( Blue) and V10 Plus (Red) have been confirmed. Both will come with a 5.2 liter 10 cylinder engine , lifted straight out of the Huracan.The standard model produces 533 bhp of power and 540 Nm of torque, while the ‘Plus’ model can churn out 602 bhp of power and 560 Nm of torque.

The transmission duties will be done by a shift-by-wire seven-speed S tronic paddle-shift gearbox , and that will be it. Meaning? no gated manual has been provided so far , and possibly will never be.

0-100 kmph – 3.2 seconds

Top Speed – 330 kmph

More engine options should be provided in the future , but for the time being this is just it.

We will get to see the car in all its glory , at the upcoming Geneva Motorshow. So stay tuned and be updated.

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