EBR Shuts down- What about the Hero HX250r?

Hero HX250r

By now you must have all heard of the the sad news surrounding Hero’s technical partner EBR. The Wisconsin based company has filled for bankruptcy, even the massive 25 million investment by Hero not saving it. Now the question remains,what will be the fate of the much anticipated Hero HX250r and the Hastur middleweight streetfighter? Though the Hastur will continue to be a very distant dream (if not at all), The HX250r  should indeed find a way in to the market. However a delay in launch is to be expected. A spokesperson for Hero motocorp said:

“The closure of EBR does not impact our future product line-up and launch plans. Most of the projects we were working on with EBR have either been completed or nearing completion” (source)

Hero is currently developing a 450cr research and development facility in Rajasthan with over 600 engineers, and continuing the HX250r project shouldn’t pose a big problem. The spokesperson added (when asked if Hero will take over EBR),

“At this point, the receiver will determine the go-forward plan for EBR and no auction has been scheduled. HMCL will evaluate alternatives as the receivership develops”
Hero Hastur
The 25 million investment by Hero was what kept the company afloat for the last two years, in which time they brought out the 1190RX superbike and its street-fighter version, the 1190SX. Now the company is reportedly in a 20 million dollar debt and is seeking bankruptcy protection from its creditors. Only time will tell if another ‘resurrection’ is to be seen.

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