2016 Ford GT Revealed- 600hp Carbon Fiber Brute.

2016 Ford GT side

Ford has just stole the limelight of this years Detroit motorshow , and there is a really good reason for that.After almost a decade , the Dearborn based manufacturer has finally brought back their iconic Ford GT , and mind I say ‘it looks absolutely gorgeous’.

The biggest change from its predecessor , is the all Aluminum-carbon Fiber build. Infact , take off the front and rear subframes and what you get is a car built almost entirely of carbon fiber. The good news however is that there is no heavy battery set , weighing down the car, and the carbon fiber is entirely used to compliment the engine and performance. Speaking of the engine , the 2016 Ford GT comes with a middle-mounted , 3.5 Liter Eco-boost V6 , capable of producing a top power figure of 600hp.This is but a mere 50hp difference from the 2005 V8 model.This V6 is also Ford’s most powerful production Eco-boost engine.

In terms of design , Ford has some how managed to bring a sleek and modern design language in to the conventional GT .The front fascia flaunts large amount of unpainted carbon fiber along with massive air intakes and LED head lamps.The front is reminiscent of the classic Ford GT, sporting the iconic dual air intakes on the hood.

The rear sports a design which is seen in most modern supercars.Massive air outlets are provided on either side of the car and the rear.The rear also gets dynamic spoilers,which changes position according to the speed and driver input.

The interiors can be said to be F1 inspired , and comes with a modern design rather than the retro GT styling.Even the steering wheels are inspired from the F1 car , and all necessary control buttons are embedded in it.

The 2016 Ford GT will go in to production next year. Expect prices well above that of the 2005 model, which initially reached dealerships for a base price tag of $140,000.

Is the 2016 Ford GT worth the high price tag ? we will let you decide on that one.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.


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