2016 Honda NSX (Acura NSX) Revealed At Detroit- Detailed Report.

2016 honda nsx at detroit - acura

After almost 25 years since the first NSX was brought out ,Honda has revived it once again in an all new avatar at this years North America International Auto Show .The 2016 Honda NSX or rather the Acura NSX was showcased at Detroit earlier this week, ‘Acura’ being the premium-luxury brand wholly owned by Honda. In other markets such as India,the car will keep the Honda brand name.

However,It can only be seen as a coincidence that Ford motor decided to revive their Ford GT after almost a decade ,at the same venue.Incidentally , the last of the NSX’s were also brought out in 2005.

Speaking at the event Mike Accavitti, senior vice president and general manager of the Acura division said ,

“Our commitment was to create an all-new NSX that is true to the heritage of NSX – a supercar that delivers a new driving experience, one where every part of the vehicle is respectful of the smartest part of the car, the driver.The soul of a car is the emotional connection it makes with the driver. With the NSX, that connection will be intense and immediate.”

On design the car looks very much similar to the 2013 NSX concept which we have all been seeing for quite some time now. It has however grown quite a bit.A brief dimensional comparison has been provided in the below table , for your reference.

The 2016 Honda NSX vs the 2013 Honda NSX Concept vs 2005 Honda NSX – DIMENSION COMPARISON

2016 Honda NSX 2013 NSX Concept Difference 2005 NSX Difference
Length 4470 mm 4390mm +80mm 4425 mm +45mm
Width 1940 mm 1915 mm +25mm 1810 mm +130mm
Height 1215 mm 1200 mm +15mm 1170 mm +45mm
Wheelbase 2630 mm 2610 mm +20mm 2350 mm) +280mm


2016 Honda NSX- DESIGN


front honda nsx 2016

The Acura/Honda NSX was always a supercar for the masses. It looked different from most cars in the market ,  was extremely fun to drive  and came with an affordable price tag.Honda claims that the new NSX will also deliver the same things ,if not more.(Not sure on the affordability factor though)

The design is completely new , but isn’t totally unseen. It is different , but may not be for every ones taste.

The front fascia is now almost entirely filled with large undisguised air intakes.Somewhere along the lines are two very thin LED headlamps and even thinner strips of LED DRLs.The hood gets two air intakes as well. The side is mostly dominated by the large 245/35Z R19 front and 295/30Z R20 rear ContiSportContact™ high-performance tires , graced with 19×8.5 inch front and 20×11 inch rear aluminum alloys.The side profile gets massive air intakes, that properly ventilates the engine compartment and channels all the heat out through the rear.

Speaking of the rear, large LED tail lamps runs through out its length and a similar design language seen on the front is applied here. A trio of large air extractors , diffusers and a centrally mounted exhaust have been provided.

The body of the 2016 Honda NSX is made of Aluminum and SMC (sheet molding compound). The Engineers at Acura seems to be especially proud of the new carbon fiber floors of the NSX, which helps to reduce weight and increase the overall rigidity .The roof of the car is finished in black .Optional carbon fiber ones will also be on offer.


interior honda nsx

The interiors are what Honda calls the ‘Human Support Cockpit’, something which we felt interesting and absolutely gorgeous.

Johnathan Norman, NSX interior design project leader said on his unveiling speech that;

Like the original NSX, we created a ‘Human Support Cockpit’ that provides exceptional driver control, visibility and packaging, but further advanced to meet the extreme performance expectations of a modern supercar.

The Interior features a low dashboard , with many aluminum structural components beautifully placed through out.Handmade Red and black leather padding covers most parts of the dashboard , and a similar stitching is done on the seats-completing a visual treat.

Behind the beautifully sculpted flat bottom-top steering wheel , there is TFT infotainment screen which displays everything that needs to be known about the car.The different options on the screen can be selected via the steering mounted controls.

The car allows the driver to choose between four drive modes , namely Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track-which not only varies the performance ratio but also changes the sound levels.

The A-pillar is designed very thin, which along with the low-mounted instrument panel, helps to increase driver’s visibility and provide an almost panoramic view.


top rear honda nsx

Powering the 2016 Honda NSX is a 75 degree dry sump twin turbocharged V6 , which sends power to the rear wheels . But unlike the 2016 Ford Gt, the new NSX is a hybrid which has 3 electric motors that sends power to the front wheels as well.What you get is an “Extreme-handling all wheel drive supercar”. The transmission duties will be done by a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Though not officially confirmed , expect the 2016 Honda NSX to produce power figures north of the 550hp mark.


Price –  150,000$* ( Not official price)

Launch – 2016

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