2016 Honda RC213V-S To Be Priced Over Rs 1 Crore ?

honda RC213V-S wallpaper

A recent report by one of Japan’s most popular Daily publication, The Asahi Shimbun has confirmed that the upcoming Honda RC213V-S streetbike could be priced over 20 million yen , which roughly translates to about INR 1.04 cr. For those of you who may not know , The RC213V is the motorcycle that Honda is currently using for its Moto-GP races ,while the RC213V-S, whose prototype was showcased at last year EICMA, is its yet-to-be launched production version.

Fun Fact : At 170,000$ The Honda RC213V-S is costlier than the recently unveiled Honda/Acura NSX Sportscar

So will there be any demand for a 1cr bike? definitely! The Honda RC213V-S should be produced in very limited numbers , for very few clients across the world. The bike will provide first hand Moto-GP experience ,and a chance to be on the same seat as GP racers likes of Marc Marquez, Casey Stoner, and Dani Pedrosa.Surely not something you would want to miss if you are über-rich Moto-GP fan.

The 2013 RC213V  has a 1.0 liter liquid cooled V4 mill ,capable of producing a maximum of 230hp of power, and a has top speed of 350kmph.The engine specifications for its production streetbike hasn’t been officially announced , however it is expected to be similar if not same as that of the RC213V.

honda RC213V-S pictures

honda RC213V-S pictures

honda RC213V-S wallpaper

honda RC213V-S pictures rear

On design , there is nothing much to comment. If  you are a regular MotoGP viewer- which I’m taking you are , The RC213V-S is virtually the same bike that Honda racers Mark and Pedrosa uses , but with added lights and mirrors(Not sure about the Repsol though). It may not be as flashy as the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R , but it has remained true to its pedigree. And this will be the key factor that will get customers for a 1 crore bike.

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Impressed or not , The Honda RC213V-S will be one hell of a motorcycle to see on the streets.Too bad Honda isn’t planning a Kawasaki Ninja H2 competitor based on the RC, or are they?Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more new and updates!

Source- A&R via The Asahi Shimbun


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