The Grand Tour Episode 1 Review [NO SPOILER] – Changes from Top Gear

The Grand Tour Ford Mustang

The Grand Tour episode 1 Entry

The first episode of The Grand Tour has aired in Amazon Prime and it is everything that we hoped for. Fans of the trio- Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were not disappointed even a bit (Well, we missed the Stig) and are quick to point out that this is a refreshing change from the old Top gear episodes we came to love.

Even BBC in their review has admitted that the new show is, and I quote,

Too big for TV

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s IMDB bios are really funny

This is a non-spoiler review for everyone who is waiting for that extra push to buy Amazon’s prime membership (If watching legally, that is). So should you? Yes, Definitely. If you are fans of the trio (which obviously you are), I’m happy to tell you that THEY ARE BACK! Though I felt they were trying a bit too hard at some places, it is mostly because of the enormity and unfamiliarity of the set. Give it a couple of episodes and they will come back to their old selves in no time.

Ok, possibly very minor spoilers below (if you are that kind of a person).

There are lots of Jibes at BBC, which is expected, and more of the lads signature Jokes. Richard’s shortness, Captain slow and the ‘Ape’s’ (don’t know whether BBC has permitted using Orangutan) problem with launch control all comes back. Since this episode is based in Los Angeles, there are of course some good ol’ American Jokes as well.

The Grand Tour episode 1 review

The Grand Tour episode 1 – Tent

The Grand Tour is very familiar to Top Gear in execution. This could be because director Phil Churchward and Executive producer Andy Wilman were both part of the show earlier. They also want the show to be familiar and not much removed from, ahm, Top gear.

After airing, Andy Wilman has said that,

We’re still just a car show with three ageing imbeciles – but that’s what people want

So the studio is now a big as* tent and inside it visitors are greeted with conversation Street and celebrity brain crash with the host. Their new test track, which is claimed to be the most dangerous in the world, is in the shape of an Ebola virus and called- Eboladrome. Who we miss is the Stig, now replaced by a non-helmeted ‘The American’ (you will know why). There are no celebrity lap times and the track test times are now shown on a digital screen.

Hypercars shootout The Grand Tour Episode 1

The Grand Tour episode 1 – Hypercar shootout

Last and probably my biggest reason to watch episode 1 of the Grand Tour is the much awaited triple shootout between Porsche’s 918, McLaren P1 and the Ferrari ‘The Ferrari’. Be warned, there is some ‘pooping’ involved inside the P1.

Before you go, type down the car that you think will have the shortest lap time among the ones above.

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