2017 Dzire vs Tigor, Xcent – We choose the BEST

2017 Maruti Dzire vs Tata Tigor, Hyundai Xcent

The compact sedan space is now slowly heating up after what seemed to be ages of dormancy. We’ve already seen the gorgeous Tata Tigor and Hyundai even brought out a facelift to their Xcent. Now the undisputed king of the segment- Maruti Suzuki Dzire has entered an all-new generation as well. It’s without doubt a better model than the last but the real question is by how much.

So let’s do a comparison:

(If you want a more in-depth spec-analysis, follow the links below)

Maruti Dzire 2017

Tata Tigor

Hyundai Xcent


2017 Maruti Dzire vs Tata Tigor – Verdict

Maruti Suzuki dzire vs tigor vs xcent

2017 Maruti Dzire vs competition

Like its sibling- the Tiago, the Tigor’s affordability, looks and features were expected to bring lots of customers for the manufacturer. It has more than managed to do this in the initial month but the looming threat of the new Dzire was always evident. Now we can look at each one of them side by side and hopefully pick out a winner from specs alone.

Factor What we think Winner
Price and VFM The Tata Tigor’s base ‘XE’ petrol and diesel trims starts at Rs. 4.7 and Rs. 5.6 lakhs respectively, while it is Rs. 5.45 and Rs. 6.45 lakhs respectively for the Dzire. The margins grow to as high as 1.5 lakhs on moving up variants list.

ABS and airbags are only available from XT trim of the Tigor, which is priced very close to the base Dzire variant (with both as standard)

Exterior It’s really hard to pick but we love the Tigor’s design better.

The Dzire is wider than the Tigor but the latter rides higher, is taller and has better boot space

Interior The new Maruti Dzire continues with the same beige-black interior which has now been made more premium. The faux wooden inlays and new seats give it the upperhand against the Tigor New Dzire
Features For the extra money you pay, the Dzire in its top variants provide better features, including a 7” infotainment system. New Dzire
Engine and transmission The petrol engines of both cars have comparable output figures but the Dzire’s diesel engine is far superior (in figures)

Also, the Dzire weighs less than the Tigor and should thus have better performance

New Dzire
Mileage With 22 KMPL/ 28.4 KMPL for petrol and diesel respectively, the Dzire outclassed the Tigor by a good margin (20.3 KMPL; 24.37 KMPL) New Dzire

2017 Maruti Dzire vs Hyundai Xcent – Verdict

Dzire interior vs competition

The Hyundai Xcent  got a facelift in 2017.

Factor What we think Winner
Price and VFM The Hyundai Xcent (Rs. 5.38 lakhs for petrol, Rs. 6.28 lakhs diesel) is cheaper than the Dzire but the latter has better features to justify the price tag. New Dzire
Exterior The new Dzire is a completely different model but the Xcent is just a facelift. Apart from this factor, we also feel that the Dzire looks better in general.

The Xcent has a bigger boot but the Dzire has a longer wheelbase

New Dzire
Interior Interior of the Dzire looks better than the Xcent New Dzire
Features The Dzire 2017 comes with dual Airbags and ABS as standard. It is also better equipped in the top trims New Dzire
Engine and transmission Both cars have similar petrol and diesel engine figures. The Dzire has an advantage as it offers AMT in both variants while only petrol models get AMT in Xcent New Dzire
Mileage No competition here, the Hyundai Xcents mileage figures are 25.4 kmpl and 20.14 kmpl for diesel and petrol respectively New Dzire

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