Mahindra BLAZO BS IV ‘Smart Truck’: Enjoy unmatched mileage, reliability and service

Mahindra Blazo mileage

Mahindra is one of the biggest names when it comes to trucks and buses in India. The manufacturer has been in the segment for some time now and it goes without saying that they know a thing or two about it. The BS-IV-compliant Mahindra BLAZO is an exciting product of Mahindra’s expertise in the field and it falls into an innovative new ‘Smart Truck’ segment.

The Mahindra BLAZO Smart truck offers features and benefits that are alien to the commercial vehicle space. These include guaranteed mileage and service, and an assurance of unmatched reliability.

Here are the trucks that are available in the Mahindra BLAZO series:

  • Blazo 25
  • Blazo 25 BS IV tipper
  • Blazo 25 rig cowl
  • Blazo 31 8×4 tipper
  • Blazo 37
  • Blazo 37 pusher axle
  • Blazo 40
  • Blazo 49 tip trailer

Each of these trucks is made keeping in mind the specifics of their respective sub-segment.

Here’s why the Mahindra BLAZO is a notch above the rest:


Mahindra has been using CRDe engines for 10+ years now and this gives them an edge in terms of experience and quality. Most manufacturers have only recently shifted to CRDe after the Indian government introduced BS-IV norms.

The Mahindra BLAZO trucks come powered with a BS-IV compliant, 7.2 litre mPOWER, FuelSmart engine that produce 274hp at 2200 RPM and 950 Nm at 1100-1700 RPM. Most specifications, including its gearbox (6-Speed or 9-Speed) and suspension set-up, are different for each truck in the series.

Another exciting feature of the Mahindra BLAZO is that it offers guaranteed ‘unbeatable’ mileage. Mahindra even claims that if the mileage isn’t satisfactory, the customer can return their truck. They are that confident about its performance and customer satisfaction!


Mahindra’s advanced FuelSmart technology is what gives credibility to the ‘unbeatable mileage’ promise. The truck comes with three smart switch options – Turbo, Light & Heavy. Based on the road and load conditions, either one of the switches could be chosen for best performance and mileage. When the truck is running on no load, the ‘Light’ switch could be opted for better mileage. When there is heavy load on-board, switch to ‘Heavy’ mode and when the going gets even more difficult, like during an uphill climb, the ‘Turbo’ switch could be opted. Fuel delivery and power are individually optimised for the three modes and this ensures better efficiency and performance.

Unmatched service and reliability

Mahindra Blazo service

Service and parts availability are some of the biggest headaches of owning a truck. Fortunately, Mahindra has a solution for these problems too. They offer customers with guaranteed service within 48 hours of a problem or breakdown. If the promise is not met, the customers will be given Rs. 1000 each day until their vehicle is road-ready. Further, at their MParts Plazas, Mahindra guarantees availability of fast-moving maintenance parts and if not, they are given for free.

Mahindra has also created an online portal where customers can order spare parts for Mahindra Blazo.

This has made it easier and hassle free for our customers to find the spare parts of the truck.

For customers plying their trucks through the busy Delhi-Mumbai Expressways, there are even more benefits. Mahindra has a service centre at every 60 km of this route and if something goes wrong, they guarantee service within two hours. If this promise is not met, the manufacturer will give Rs. 500/- for every hour lost.

As I said, Mahindra already offers to take back any truck that doesn’t meet their mileage and service guarantees. However, even after clocking 12 crore kilometres on road, not even a single truck has been returned.

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