BMW M8, M8 GTE coming in 2018 [Confirmed]

New BMW M8

The revival of the 8-series was a big news in itself, but now we’ve got confirmation of something even bigger – an M8 and its GTE variant (to race in the 24 hrs Le Mans) are on their way. Though BMW has refused to divulge much, the new developments do answer a bunch of question.

The Rad new 2018 BMW M8 – Exterior & Interior

BMW’s M-series cars are some of the best to describe German precision and performance, and we expect no less from the new M8. It will come with every possible ‘M’ additions that BMW have in their arsenal, and perhaps even more. What we can make out from the spy shot, though, are bigger front intakes, large wheels, low-profile tyres, upgraded brakes and rear quad exhausts.

Interior isn’t revealed yet but it should be a similar to that of the 8-series. Here’s a picture of the concept for comparison:

New BMW M8 interior

We now know what BMW will race at the Le Mans

BMW will race the M8 GTE at the Le Mans next year. Both the 8-series and M8 are being developed simultaneously but it will be their race-spec GTE version that we get to see first.

Reveal Q3 2017
First race 24 Hours Daytona, 2018


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2018 BMW M8 engine and specification

Though BMW could opt for a V12 or a V8, recent reports state that their prime choice is the (F90) M5’s 600+bhp producing 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V8. A v12 would pile unneecessery weight at the front which isn’t desirable.

Its engine will come mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, sending power to all four wheels.

Engine 4.4 V8
0-62 mph 3.2 seconds


2018 BMW M8 Price and Availability

Just like the M5, the M8 will also be available in most of BMW’s prominent markets. Prices have not been revealed but the M8 is touted to fill the spot between the 7-series and Rolls-Royce’s most affordable car-The Wraith.

A number of cars should be scared right now.

BMW M8 features

2018 BMW M8

BMW M8 2018 front

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