2018 Mclaren 720S (P14) is a whole different breed

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Mclaren has revealed their 720S mid-engined supercar at the 2017 Geneva Motorshow. It will succeed the manufacture’s 650S, which is nearing its 4th year in market. The car was earlier codenamed Mclaren P14.

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Launch 2017
Price £208,600
Engine 4-liter twin turbo V8
Power 710 bhp


Mclaren 720S (P14) – Exterior

McLaren have kept their general design direction intact but the new car is radical nonetheless. Iconic rounded nose is retained but mostly everything else at the front is different. Sleek headlamps are positioned in a triangular compartment along with large air vents (which some doesn’t fancy). Enough downforce is ensured by another set of intakes at the bottom and on the hood.

The sides of the car are chiselled and the ‘double-skin’ shaped butterfly doors carefully conceal its air intakes. Rear too has improved, moving from 650S’ square-ish design to more ‘P1’ levels. This is evident from the angular design elements, new engine cover and LED tail lamps. Its exhaust tips are circular and deployable rear wings can be seen.

In simple terms, the new 720S looks like a mix between 570S, 650S and P1. It will help McLaren to give a clear distinction between its sports and super cars. easily positioning the 720S between their P1 and 570S.

Mclaren 720S (P14) – Interior

Mclaren 720S interior

While its design is similar to the 650S, the interior is now roomier and gives the driver a very commanding view of the road. Mclaren has acheived this by thinning the piller and providing more depth to the windscreen, along with taking measures like increasing the distance between occupants and redesigned parts.

The minimalist cabin comes predominatly in black but with contrasting stitching. However, many customisations options are avaialble.  There’s also an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, driver specific console and a funtionaing air-conditioning system.

Mclaren 720S engine, performance, specification

Sitting in the middle of its Carbon fiber ‘ Monocage II’’ chassis is a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 producing 710bhp at 7000rpm and 568lb ft at 5500rpm. It is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. There are improvements made to the launch control and three drive modes have been retained- Comfort, Sport and Track.

With a power-to-weight ration of 553bhp per tonne, Mclaren claims that they are the best in the segment. They’ve got the performance to proove it as well.

  • 0-100kmph (60 mph)- 2.8 seconds
  • 0-200kmph(124 mph)- 7.8 seconds
  • Quarter-mile- 10.3 seconds

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Mclaren has completely reengineered thier all-independent system of front and rear double wishbones , and has even done  major tweaks to almost all parts of the car (when compared to the 650S). Braking duties will be carried out by large ventilated carbon-ceramic discs. Providing grip (6% more) are specially designed Pirelli P Zeros, 245/35 ZR19s at the front and 305/30 ZR20s at the rear


Mclaren 720S Release date

The 2018 Mclaren 720S was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva motorshow. Deleveries have commenced.

Release in UK April 2017
Release in USA May 2017

Mclaren 720S price in USA, UK

Their’s a 5% increase in the prices of the 720 as compared to the 650S

Price in UK £208,600
Price in  USA $290,000

Mclaren 720S price and launch India

While Mclaren will not come to India anytime soon their 720S most defintely could . An Indian businessman, Mr Ranjit Sundaramurthy, has already booked the car in Dubai and is expected to bring it to his hometown-Bangalore, in the coming months.

Launch in India
Price in  India Rs. 3.5 Cr.+

Mclaren 720S 2018 ride

Mclaren 720S butterfly doors

Mclaren P14- spy shots








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