2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo vs standard model

2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo

Nissan is working on a ‘Nismo’ version of their 2nd generation Leaf. The car’s concept will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show and we could see a production version by the end of next year.

Release date 2018

Nismo will make the new Leaf sportier and ‘youth-friendly’. It will probably be based on the higher capacity ‘e-plus’ version.

2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo concept – Design

The Leaf Nismo concept’s biggest highlight is its contrasting red colour. This brings lots of character to the car and makes it more aggressive. The EV gets an updated front fascia as well, fit with a sculpted bumper, larger air intakes and a bigger mesh grille. The car’s hood (partially) and roof have been blacked out.

Nissan Leaf Nismo interior

On its sides, the Leaf Nismo gain new set of alloy wheels and high-performance tires. Red highlights run through its skirts and the lowered ride height is easily noticeable. The rear gets a wider diffuser with a single fog lamp attached to its centre. The mandatory Nismo badging can also be seen.

The Leaf Nismo’s interior sees fewer changes and are limited to addition of red highlights and Nismo badging.

2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo concept- Powertrain

Nissan says that the Nismo Leaf will provide ‘instant acceleration’ at all speeds, thanks to a new ‘custom-tuned computer’. Although we can guess what this means, an official statement will have to wait till the end of October.

2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo concept price and release date

Though the Nissan Leaf Nismo concept will debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow, it’s not yet certain when the car will reach dealerships. The standard leaf will only debut in US early next year, so the ‘Nismo’ version should only be expected as a 2019 model here.

The Nismo Lead should cost over $40,000 in USA.2019 Nissan Leaf Nismo vs standard

Stay tuned for more details

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