2018 Nissan Leaf to return 320 km / charge

  • Apr 15, 2017
Nissan Leaf 2018 red front

2018 Nissan Leaf rear white

Before Tesla became the go to brand in the EV world, most people knew electric vehicles by one name alone- Nissan leaf. The car is still going strong in most countries but has recently begun to show its age, which is obvious because the Japanese manufacturer hasn’t done any major design update since its launch.

Fortunately for fans of the leaf, there’s a new model in the block. The 2018 Nissan leaf has been revealed in Las Vegas and it comes with an updated design, more features, better-powered motor and more miles per charge.

2018 Nissan Leaf – EV Veteran

The current Nissan leaf has polarizing opinions from the general public. While some love it because it’s conventional, uninteresting and ‘round’, others loathe it for all the same reasons. While this may be the case, there’s no denying that it is still the most selling electric car ever.

Coming to the 2018 models, it is quite clearly inspired by Nissan’s IDS & Sway concept. Obviously, the lines are tamer here but it is a sure shot upgrade from what we have now. Interior is also conventional but not uninteresting in any way.

For more details of the car, including its battery, interior and other specs, follow the link below: New Leaf



There’s two variants avaialble- 40-kWh & 60-kWh, and only the former will be made avaialble initially. THe 40-kWh variant returns a range of 150 miles.

2018 Nissan Leaf details
Starting price in USA $29,990
Price in UK £24,000
Release date 2018
Range 200+ miles (321 km)
Capacity 60kWh
Interior changes
Exterior changes

2018 Nissan Leaf price, variants and release date

The introduction of the new Bolt EV may have thrown Nissan a little off their schedule but they finally revealed it. It should reach US and UK markets by late 2017- early 2018.

The new Leaf if priced starting at $29,990 in USA which is lower than the current model. It is priced $32,490 for the SV and $36,200 for the SL.

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Nissan Leaf 2018 red front

Pre-launch Report

2018 Nissan Leaf

2018 Nissan Leaf Design


The 2018 Nissan Leaf will adopt the manufacturer’s latest design language. It seems that the Nissan engineers have taken inspiration from concepts like the IDS and Sway, while still keeping some of the Leaf’s generic traits.

The car’s headlamps are now much sleeker and are placed lower down. An updated version of the brand’s signature V-motion grille is provided along with a redesigned bumper and hood. Its sides and rear are much sleeker as well.

The Nissan Leaf 2018 seems to be a bigger than the current model, which should improve the interior and luggage space.


New Leaf interior

While the interior of the Leaf may have looked futuristic in 2012, it has become ‘almost’ ordinary in 2017. This means that Nissan will not be leaving any stones unturned when it comes to building an even more advanced cabin. Its autonomous capabilities will be best in the segment.


2018 Nissan Leaf Powertrain and range

With Chevrolet’s Bolt EV achieving 238 miles EPA-rating, it has become necessary for the Nissan Leaf to have at least one variant with similar capacity. There are rumors that Nissan might source a 60kWh battery from LG chem for this purpose. For smaller variants the cells will be sourced from current suppliers NEC.

Update: A leaked spec-sheet claimed to be of the 2018 Nissan Leaf says that the upcoming car will have a 147hp motors coupled to a 40kWh battery. The 40hp increase wont drain much from the substancially improved batterypack and there will definitely be an increase in range. AutoCar reports 340 miles for a single charge but we are awaiting clarification in this matter.



New Nissan Leaf electric

Nissan Leaf spy imageNew NIssan Leaf 2018