What is Harley Davidson Bronx?

Harley Davidson Bronx

Harley Davidson has been experimenting a lot in the past couple of years. They started off by introducing urban-street models like the Street 500 and 7000, and went further and beyond in 2017 by providing LED headlamps for the Fat Bob. All these are concerned with providing a modern face to the brand and attracting a dying breed of millennial US motorcyclists.

The changes have not worked well so far and both their Street and Sportster range have been showing signs of dipping sales. The Harley Davidson Bronx is probably something that the manufacturer hopes, will change this situation.

Here are some of the bike’s expected details:

Price $9999
Release date 2019


What is the Harley Davidson Bronx – Street or Muscle?

The bike is probably named after The Bronx – one of the five boroughs of New York City. Since it doesn’t get more ‘urban’ than the Big Apple, we’d like to think that the new Harley is a top-end street model or a sportster. There are many reports claiming the same as well.

Harley Davidson Street Rod 750

The Harley Davidson Street where made to be a little less unnerving to new users. However, they have a slender design and low power which also made it unappealing for existing Harley riders. The new Bronx will, hopefully, address these issues.

All these are speculations at the moment and no images were provided at the time of patent filing. For all we know, this could turn out to be brutish urban cruiser.

Harley Davidson Bronx price and release date

US patent regulations need a physical product to be released within three years of filing the name. So the Harley Davidson Bronx will be most likely revealed next year, and could begin to reach dealerships as a 2020 model.

The Milwaukee based manufacturer doesn’t have a motorcycle at $9999 and that’s probably where the Bronx is going.


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