2019 Suzuki Hayabusa – Everything we know so far

2019 Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa is all set for a thorough update in 2019. The much acclaimed motorcycle is celebrating its 20th anniversary next year but that’s really not why it’s getting a refresh. The Hayabusa is currently in the last stretch of a two year grace period which allowed non-Euro-4 vehicles to be sold in Europe. So its either this or nothing next year!

Suzuki is one of the manufacturers that made the most of this period, and has only recently shifted their popular motorcycles to Euro-4 (a norm since December 31, 2016).

Price $14,999
Release date 2019
Engine 1440cc
Power ~200 bhp


2019 Suzuki Hayabusa- Designers get busy!

While it’s true that the Hayabusa ages slowly, its design is not timeless like the Bonneville! That’s partly the reason why sales are harder to come by nowadays. However, completely letting go of the design would do more harm than good. So what we should expect is an evolution, an upgrade!

Which is? Remember the 2015 GSX concept that was showcased at the Tokyo Motorshow- that’s the silhouette. This means that the ‘big daddy’ design has been retained but with sharper panels and a sportier face. I must say, it looks much better than before!

New bikes from the Suzuki GSX series!

New Suzuki Hayabusa 2019

Power and Performance

I remember a time when Sports Toures like Haybusa where famed for their power and performance. Now though, with every other liter-class motorcycle hitting 200 bhp and 186 mph, performance is not really the end game. Instead, superior touring capabilities are likely to become the deciding factor. Does that mean power is going to go down? Absolutely not, in fact, last we heard the 2019 Hayabusa’s engine will be heavily revised, with around 1440cc capacity and performance to match!

2019 Suzuki Hayabusa- Price and release date

In all probability, the Suzuki Hayabusa will be revealed by end of this year or early 2019. It will go on sale in most markets for a price not much different from the one it has now.

Stay tuned for more news and update.