Realistic 2019 Toyota Supra render- Full details

New Toyota Supra 2019

You probably already know that the upcoming BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra will share a same platform. The German-Japanese partnership will mean that the cars will be produced at a single production facility in Graz, Austria. However, both the manufacturers maintain that their cars will be very different from each other. The BMW Z4 concept is in near-production state and we’ve talked about it extensively. The Toyota Supra concept, on the other hand, comes with lines and creases that are too bohemian to ever make production. Now though, an artist at SupraMKV Forum has made a realistic render using the FT-1 concept as its base

The amazing new BMW Z4

Details of the car:

Price $40,000
Release 2018
Engine V6
Horsepower 400+


The artist has tried to make the Supra more like its older generation. Though the concept will be toned down and its lines made modest for production, we don’t expect it to be as drastic as shown in the render. The images do however give us a good insight on what to expect.

There are no pictures of the interior yet

Power for the new Supra will come from either a 400+bhp turbocharged, V6 or a smaller four-cylinder 300bhp unit. Both automatic and manual transmission options will be available.

2019 Toyota Supra price and release date

A near production concept of the Toyota Supra could debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow. With production of the car stated to begin next year, the final model could officially debut at Detroit 2018. Prices will start near the $40,000 mark.

2019 Toyota Supra black
2019 Toyota Supra concept

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