3 Wheeled 2015 Polaris Slingshot – Photos , Specs , Price!

slingshot trike 3 wheel
Polaris Slingshot


The Polaris Slingshot Revealed :The first pictures of the 3-wheeled roadster from Polaris has been officially let out , and it is almost hard to believe (from the front )that this is actually a trike . The slingshot looks like a proper extreme roadster if you go by the front pictures alone ,but once you get to see the rear  you are immediately brought back and left of wonder how misplaced the entire arrangement looks . Infact the Slingshot can be expressed as gorgeous from front , ok-yish from side and plain ugly from the rear .

Enough of the looks lets get to the fun part , The Polaris Slingshot caries a 2.4 Liter GM Ecotec DOHC 4 cylinder engine which produces 173 hp at 7200rpm. The car as a whole weighs almost 791kg which though is much lesser than a conventional car , doesn’t do leaps of good to the power to weight ration. Infact the slingshot trails behind most sportscars in that aspect (not considering the price). The prices start from $19,999 for the base model and the top-end variant SL will set you back by almost 4000$ more.

rear of polaris slingshot
Polaris Slingshot


The moderately low prices could help the slingshot to get some customers, however the overall effectiveness of the car/bike in the market is yet to be seen . Speaking at the launch event Mike Jonikas , VP of slingshot said

“Slingshot was designed to deliver head-turning exhilaration on two dimension ,First is the exhilaration that you can see, hear, and feel while riding in Slingshot. Second is the exhilaration you feel when people turn their heads to stare at Slingshot’s unique and exotic styling.”

The slingshot will come with many interesting features like ABS ,traction control and electronic stability control as standard and will come with a forged aluminum roll cage  behind the seats incase it rolls over (not saying it will , but precautions are always good) . The trike however will not feature airbags.

The open type construction provides it own problems during rain , however since Polaris wants the trike to be a modified motorcycles you are expected to suffer all the common motorcycling problems. The great thing about the slingshot is that Polaris has fitted rust free paneling , waterproof seats and a strangely good infotainment system on to the slingshot . The six speaker music system which supports USB and bluetooth ensures that you  will always be the center of attention(as if the apparent lack of a wheel doesn’t get you enough)

The slingshot will be officially available in the market from September .

Stay tuned for more !

polaris slishot 3 wheels
Polaris Slingshot

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