Audi Takes a dig at Tesla’s CEO with new ‘eTron Sportback’ Poster

Audi Tesla rivalry

Manufacturers taking a dig at Tesla is nothing new. The electric carmaker has been the runaway success of the automotive world and teasing them, subtly or not, has become a hot favourite for other EV manufacturers. Both BMW and Nissan have done it and now it’s the turn of Audi.

In a new poster advertising the upcoming eTron Sportback in Berlin, the German manufacturer has written in bold ‘Musk-have’ instead of ‘Must-have’. This is of course a play of word citing Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, who has been widely credited to the current success of the Brand.

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Mr. Elon Musk used to own an Audi Q7 before the Model X, and this might just be Audi humorously stating that the Tesla CEO should move to their Sportback next. It could also be a nod to all the contributions that he has done for EV world. Whatever be the reasons, healthy automotive rivalries are always exciting to watch.

The Audi eTron Sportback is currently only in its concept stage and a production model will come out in 2019.  Apart from futuristic design, the Sportback will get a 320 kW motor coupled to a 95 kWh battery pack, returning a range of approximately 300 miles.

Audi Etron sport

image- Hybridcars

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