Autopromag goes green!

Hello everyone, this is Noyal Sharook, Founder and Content Curator for I started this website in 2013- at a time when online automotive content was sparse and the internet, in general, was only picking up steam in India. Over the years, Autopromag and its allied websites have attracted millions of unique visitors and thousands of social media followers. However, recent years have been particularly challenging and I feel like few (big) CHANGES are necessary.

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past

Thomas Jeferson

What are these changes?

Autopromag’s MISSION will henceforth be ‘enlightening the masses of new-age propulsion, promoting clean energy and understanding viable fuel alternatives for not just petroleum but also electricity in its current form of production’

This means that we will mostly be sharing content related to electric and hybrid vehicles!

No, Modifiedx is not shutting dowm!

It will be my personal project and very contrasting, almost ironical, backlinks will still run between these websites

The second important change is that I have split the US and Indian sections of the website. This should reduce some of the clutter and help provide more relevant content for both demographics.

US Link: