Akrapovic exhaust for r15

Best Aftermarket Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


The demand for aftermarket exhausts are increasing day by day in India , with more people being able afford meaner and more powerful performance motorcycles.Most people don’t seem to care that there is a ban on such equipment in India , which is reflected in the amount of queries we are receiving.So just like our earlier posts on exhaust options for Duke 200 and Royal Enfield Classic 350 , we have decided to do one on The Yamaha R15 V2.

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The number one rule for buying an exhaust for your Yamaha R15 is to avoid anything cheap. No good will come from installing an aftermarket exhaust that you get for 2000-3000Rs . There are people who say that they could get you cheap Daytona for 2500 -3000Rs , please ignore them and move on.  If you can afford a 1.27 Lakh bike , you can easily afford an exhaust which costs 10,000 Rs.

Please note that some of these exhaust are thoroughly tested with the Yamaha R15 , while some others are not.The ones tested will provide you the desired performance increase , while the ones which are not could give you varied results.

The price and availability provided are subjected to change. We are providing links(instead of embeds) to the videos ,in order to prevent unnecessary load on the website.We don’t own or promote these videos , and are provided for you to get a rough idea of how they sound.

1) Daytona Performance Exhaust

daytona exhast for r15
Aftermarket Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2 : Daytona


If you are looking for a genuine exhaust for your Yamaha R15 ,the Daytona is the one you should consider first.The exhaust along with other performance upgrades such as ECU kit , was tailor made by Daytona Racing for smaller capacity Yamaha bikes like R15 and the Fz.

It should be one of the better exhausts you will be able to get for your R15.But please note that , none of the Daytona upgrades are road legal and you would have to face the consequences if caught.This warning is even mentioned in the exhaust pack.

Video link : Yamaha R15 V2 With Daytona Exhaust system

Price – 10,000 Rs

Availability – The Daytona exhausts can be purchased by contacting your nearest Yamaha dealership.

daytona exhast for r15 sale
Daytona Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


2) Joel’s Race Concept Exhaust.


race concept joel exhast for r15
Joel’s Race concept Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


Race concepts is an automobile tuning shop based in Bangalore . They create one of the best performance upgrades and exhausts for Yamaha R15 in India. The company is headed by one Mr. Joel Joseph.

The Joel’s Race concept  is one of the better sounding exhaust available in the market.But in the looks department it fails miserably.The manufacture claims that this exhaust can cut the 0-100kmph time by a good 2 seconds.

Video Link : Yamaha R15 V2 With Joel’s Race Concepts

Price– 9500+shipping

Availability – Please contact the owner by sending email to joel@raceconcepts.in

3)Leo Vince Corsa /Cobra Exhaust

leo vince corsa exhaust for r15
LeoVince Corsa Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


If you want to got in to a much more premium bracket ,try the LeoVince Cobra or Corsa Exhaust system. These exhausts looks really good ,and further has better brand value.The Corsa is cheaper than the Cobra and also has lesser sound . However , we love the sound of the Corsa more, as it seems a bit more mature.

If buying online please do check whether the products are Genuine, as online retailers are not always to be trusted.

Video Link : Yamaha R15 V2 with Leo Vince Cobra , Yamaha R15 V2 with Leo Vince Corsa

Price – Available in Ebay from prices starting form Rs 15000 ( for Corsa) and Rs 18000 ( for Cobra)

Availability – Official distributors : Bachoo Motor and Cycle Company , Mumbai.Contact them via www.bachoomotors.com , or email zulfi@bachoomotors.com

leo vince cobra exhaust for r15
LeoVince Cobra Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


4 ) Yoshimura Exhaust


yoshimura exhaust for yamaha r15
Yoshimura Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


Yoshimura exhausts are officially distributed in India by Mumbai based , Ultimate Auto Impex.However,they seem to deal only limited number of Yoshimura products.

The sound of the exhaust is amazing , and they are one of the better looking systems currently available for Yamaha R15.

For this exhaust too, please do check whether the unit you are buying online is genuine, as there are many Replica’s being sold.

Video Link : Yamaha R15 V2 with Yoshimura Exhaust

Price – 22,000+/-

Availability – Though Yoshimura does make full exhaust systems for R15 , its availability in India is not known. You can contact the official Yoshimura dealers via ultimateautoimpex.com , email: ultimateauto99@yahoo.in

yoshimuru exhaust r15 v2
Yoshimura Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


5) KRP Exhaust

krp exhaust for r15
KRP racing Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


KRP racing is a tuning shop based in Mumbai.They currently sell wide range of exhausts for bikes such as Yamaha R15 and Fz.These exhaust do look better than the ones from Joels’ Race customs. And the sound seems to be on-par , or even better than the Race Concepts. However since we don’t have first hand experience , we are not judging much about this one.

Video Link : Yamaha R15 V2 with KRP Racing exhaust

Price – 9500+ Shipping

Availability : Contact KRP Racing via email or telephone ( LINK)

6) Akrapovic Exhaust

Akrapovic exhaust for r15
Akrapovic Exhausts For Yamaha R15 V2


Akrapovic exhausts are not tested for use in Yamaha R15. So they may provide varied results .However people who have used the exhausts, claim to have got a bump in power and performance. It is however the costliest one on the list.

Mumbai based, Performance racing is the official distributor of Akrapovic in India.

Video : Yamaha R15 V2 Akrapovic Exhaust

Price – 35,000+

Availability – Not available for R15 , however you can buy exhausts via performanceracing.in or emailing vickyj@performanceracingstore.net


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  1. Subhradip

    Hi. Can any one pls help me.. i just want to know that DAYTONA DAGREX exhaust can be installed in yamaha fzs fi(fuiel injection) or not? Coz i know that this exhaust was launched for yamaha fz16( v1) and r15 and both have a carburated engine but my byke is based on fuiel injected concept!!!! So pls help me and let me know that it can be install on yamaha fzs fi or not? Thank u

    1. Noyal Sharook Kareem

      The Yamaha YZF R15 is fuel injected not carburated.
      I don’t think there would be any problem installing the exhaust.

      1. Subhradip

        Hi.. thank u for ur ur reply… can u pls tell me the recent price of the exhaust? I only want daytona dagrex exhaust not the whole kit! Can u pls let me know the recent market price of the exhaust?

        1. Noyal Sharook Kareem

          Not sure.. but I think it’s 10k. Your nearest Yamaha dealer will give an exact quote

  2. Mani

    Hi guys,

    I have few questions about the leo vince corsa exhaunt for R15 v2.

    1. Installing exhaust will affect any engine parts or failure?
    2. what would be the mileage after installing it (currently 40 KMPL)?
    3. Will it roar sound be medium or loud ?
    4. which is the best exhaust in low cost ?

  3. Anonymous

    I want to know the price of sound booster for R15