Best bike engine oil brands in India [POLL].

  • Dec 10, 2016
Best bike engine oil India

Best bike engine oil India

Choosing the best engine oil could possibly be the single biggest thing on any motorcyclist’s maintenance list. Changing it rejuvenates the bike and is essential for its longevity and ergonomics. While most of us are familiar with different grades and types of engine oil, a question that usually remains is ‘which one should I choose?’

In this post we will list out some of the best and most popular engine oil brands in the country. It must be noted that there isn’t a ‘single’ brand that is best for all bikes, instead different bikes will have different tastes. For example, after using fully synthetic engine oil from Castol, Motul and Mobil1 on my Yamaha R15 V2, I felt that Motul suits it better.

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So it really comes down to what’s best for your bike and you are better off experimenting with 1-2 different brands seen on this list.

Here’s the list of best bike engine oil brands in India:

Castrol vs Motul India


Castrol is one of the oldest automotive lubricant brand in India and they currently hold close to 48% of market share in the country. With 5 manufacturing plants, 270 distributors and more than 70,000 retail outlets, the brand is not just popular it is also easily accessible to general public.


Motul started operations in India in the last decade and currently sell some of the best motorcycle engine oils in India. Their retails oulets aren’t as vast in numbers as Castrol and their oils mainly cater to premium range of motorcycles.


Shell vs Gulf vs Elf India

Shell is one of the leading engine oil makers in India having more than 75 years of experience. They have a number of options in their portfolio and is even claimed to be recommended by manufacturers like Ducati and Honda.


Elf is a relatively new in India but they do produce some of the best engine oils. They have listed five oil options in their website catering to wide variety of motorcycles, both big and small.


Gulf oil is another popular engine oil brand in India. They started operation in the 1920s and currently have 300 Distributors and over 50,000 retailers scattered throughout the country.

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