BMW G310RR black supersport

BMW G 310 RR Sport for World SSP 300? | Full details

You imagine the global reveal of BMW’s entry level sportsbike, even as a concept, to be much grandeur affair. We were waiting for a faired motorcycle ever since Bavarian came up with the G 310 R and G 310 GS but constant inquiries had only turned up negative. Now, with respectable sales across the range, BMW is finally ready to take things up a notch with the G 310 RR Supersport!

BMW G310RR black supersport

Though only a concept, the G310RR shows promising signs of what’s in store. The heavily carbon-fibered motorcycle was showcased at a low-key event in Japan.

Price $5,499
Release date 2020
Expected Power 38 bhp
Top speed 105+ mph

BMW G 310 RR- Design & Specs

While the bike showcased here is a concept, we expect at least some of the design to be brought forward to production. It resembles the current S1000RR quite a bit but with their new liter-class model coming soon, we won’t expect the front fascia to be retained (would be a shame not to).

In India, BMW is partnered with TVS for production, distribution and export of their entry-level motorcycles. TVS in return gets BMW’s superior technical equipment and support. This is what led to the stunning TVS Apache RR310 which shares engine with the G 310R. Its design is developed in-house by TVS though (based on the Akula), and could pose a challenge for BMW designers to prominently distinguish their faired version  in India and South-East Asian markets.

TVS Apache RR 310 BMW Bike

Coming to specs, the BMW G 310 RR will have the naked’s 313cc single cylinder mill wrapped in a sleek new fairing. This, along with a couple of other factors, would help to improve performance even if the current 33.6 BHP @ 9500 rpm is retained. Knowing BMW though, they might just re-tune the engine to produce a couple of BHPs more- beating the Apache RR310’s impressive 100 mph top speed in the process. These numbers have to be increased by a good share if BMW intends to participate in the new Supersport 300 World Championship.

WSBK World SSP 300

With demand for smaller displacement sport bikes increasing across the world, an all-new class was added to the Supersport championship calendar last year. The WSBK World SSP 300 saw entry-level A2 motorcycles of some of the biggest manufacturers battling it out for the podium. Competition has only improved starting, and Kawasaki has even brought out the Ninja 400 to stop Yamaha’s (YZF-R3) unrivaled run which we saw last year.

BMW entering the race will definitely bring more glamour to the competition but that will only happen after a production model hits the market. So we might just have to wait till 2020!

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BMW G 310 RR- Price and release date

The new entry-level sports bike will most likely be produced in India along with it siblings. Markets like US and Europe should receive it by the second quarter of 2020.

BMW G 310 RR Supersport revealed

Stay tuned for more news and update!

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  1. Tom

    It is about time that other brands enter the SSP 300 class ! This will draw the attention of the “new” markets all over the world ! Already Ana Carasco got it managed that some girl watching the race………How about the BMW 310 RR and Ducati 400 to quote just 2 traditional brands .