What localisation? BMW G310 prices revealed!

BMW G 310 price India

When BMW Motorrad announced that they where planning to build entry-level motorcycles in India, I was so excited about the prospect of a German vehicle that’s within my puny budget. Even negating the totally unfounded Rs. 1.5-1.8 lakhs rumours, Rs. 2.3 to 2.5 lakhs seemed like a great place for the premium manufacturer to sit. This is even considering capable bikes such as the KTM Duke 390, RC390 and the TVS Apache RR390. However, with prices of Rs. 2.99 lakhs for the G310R and Rs. 3.49 lakhs for the G310GS, it’s safe to say that BMW doesn’t quite understand the concept of localisation or atleast, is giving a cold shoulder to it!

Why the premium?

Consider this, the KTM Duke 390 retails for £4,549 (Rs. 4.05 lakhs) in UK while it is just Rs. 2.26 lakhs in India. In comparison, the BMW G 310 R has price of £4,290 (R. 3.83 lakhs), which is only fair considering it is fewer on power and has much less features. So even factoring any substantial overheads and extras, BMW could still the price the bike near Rs. 2.5 lakhs and get away with a sizeable profit. Instead the manufacturer has opted to put an almost unreachable Rs. 2.99 lakhs price tag which clearly doesn’t make sense, atleast for us!

BMW G310R white and blue

Back to the question, why is this premium? It is definitely not because they had to and though I am tempted to say ‘it’s because they can!’, the right answer is, strangely, because they should! In most of their other markets, BMW has a rival-relation with other major manufacturer which requires them to keep pricing competitive. However here in India, they enjoy a premium ‘almost god-like’ status that selling small bikes for anything less than their bloated worth would be an insult to others in their portfolio. So in essence, BMW Motorrad doesn’t want a lot of customers near their new bikes (the international sales should suffice), instead just want a select high-net individuals who can upgrade to their bigger machines when time comes! The G series is basically BMW giving them a taste of what they could have.

KTM 390 Adventure vs BMW G310GS

To conclude, it’s almost certain than both the ‘G’ motorcycle will only enjoy limited sales across India and this is by choice. They are already making it here why not leave out a few for the home market, right?

BMW G 310 R, G 310 GS Prices

Here are prices of BMW Motorrad’s new entry-level G-series motorcycles:

BMW G310R ex-showroom price Rs 2.99 lakh
BMW G310R on road price Rs 3.78 lakh
BMW G310 GS ex-showroom price Rs 3.49 lakh
BMW G310GS on-road price Rs 4.35 lakh


New BMW G 310 R red

BMW G310GS white

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Disclaimer: This article is a conjecture of the author based on recent development

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